Sovereign world build: Aurum Citadel & the City of Aurum

But you do enjoy your work twice :sunglasses:
At first design and construction in MV
And now (later) building it on your own planet :+1:

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True, but the 2nd time around I get to chisel too :joy:


I think this is going to be an epic build and I cannot wait to see it in game.


@Stretchious what program did you use for the planning? - MagicaVoxel


Now that I am back on creative testing, I’ve been playing around with some hidden lighting to light the side of the walkway… probably still needs a bit more, especially around the Octigrid section.

Oh, and I centralised the top dome, just for @apt cos I knew it was bugging you :smiley:

Edit: that’s a bit better


I’m infinitely grateful! just saw the bits on your creative planet a little while ago. it’s something else when chiselled. quite impressive in person. can’t wait to see the whole thing

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May I suggest some waterfalls for an added effect of awe and majesty… maybe on the sides of those huge walls? :smiley: Not my build but sharing ideas you know xD. Beautiful design though!


Thanks, and way ahead of you!

It’s going to be in a 5 plot deep crater (just to accommodate it’s height) which will have a load of waterfalls pouring into it. I was considering having a water channel running through it from back to front as well, but not entirely sure about that yet.


It has begun…!

I’m really happy with my selected biomes and initial colours choices too…

If anyone has unlocked Weary Mustard, Light Mustard or (more importantly) Vivid Mustard rock, please let me know!! I’ve managed to make do with a few sprays of those colours, but I will need a steady supply of rock for the marble I need (and I’m sadly not made of coin).

That and I need white rock to unlock and I’m all set!


Here’s a few progress shots of the build so far… some of it is just layout currently and will get an overhaul with different block types etc.

I need to slow down a bit mid-week so I have some stuff left to build at the weekends on stream :joy:


While Im no means fan of any kind of fancy material… That gold? Round the trees look nice.

Not sure are those refined rock Or gold… So many New colors so i get confused.

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Thanks. It’s just compact gold around the trees (with underlighting using double bevelled edges to keep it bright).

I’ve started using Vivid Mustard coloured sprays as well (big thanks to an anonymous donator!!) which are mostly the same colour as gold to try and keep it in theme.

Im not certain but someone posted a pic yesterday about some Mustard colored rock that looked a lot like gold. Ill try To find it
Edit. Ye those were spray painted too :confused:

You build so fast! Sometimes I cant figure out what materials I need for looks.

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I had a lot of practice getting an idea of the style I wanted when I was on the test servers.

It’s definitely much easier to plan the theme for a build when you have all the blocks to play with!


Btw. Great name.
You ever thought using rocks instead of Stones? I think those look far better… But thats just me

Absolutely. I’m going to try and use a mix of different materials so as not to overuse any one of them in one area.

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You inadvertently just sold me on a creative world! :rofl:. You sure you’re not still on the payroll??? :face_with_monocle: lol

Your build looks awesome… I will be following this thread to see how it turns out.


lol I’ve never actually been on the payroll… although I should probably start talking to them about commission :thinking: :joy:

Enjoy your creative world! :smiley: