Sovereign World Locked

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I paid for lesser world fuel for my planet, redeemed the key, applied it to my planet. I came back on yesterday evening to find that my world is locked and I can’t reach it. Last night it was not showing in the sky in the sanctum. I put in a bug report in game. I logged in tonight and the planet shows up in my sanctum. I went to the portal I have on Gyosha and it still says the planet is locked. I tried going there from the sanctum portal and it also says that it is locked. I tried to use the portal fuel key again as a long shot…but, of course, it has been actually redeemed and says that I did so on the 5th and used it for my planet, Havre. :frowning:

@james to the rescue!

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I hope so! My sister and I have been doing Boundless room decorating so much tonight that I feel married again. O_O

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