Sovereign Worlds price speculation

So you’re expecting the devs to simply hand over a planet to you for nothing?


That would be awesome sure :smiley:


For cubits

ok so you are suggesting they charge an enormous amount of cubits so the players that can afford it essentially pay for the planets for the players that are using in game earned cubits? So instead of paying $20 USD for a planet using cash, I can pay for $40 per month in cubits so some other player gets their planet for in game earned cubits (so essentially for free)? Yeah no thanks. What’s in it for me to pay $40 for a planet that is costing wonderstruck $20? Let me answer that. . Nothing at all.

You cut way back on the players that will rent a planet using paid for cubits if you drive the cost up to in order support other players. Not everyone can rent a planet just like not everyone can play 5+ hours a day. .


You will get to come to my awesome planet or 2 or 3 that I paid in cubits… any time you want.

That is worth nothing to me. So I can visit a planet that is costing me either in delayed development or no Exos or no special events so they have the cash to pay for it since no one is paying to rent?

My question to you is why do you deserve to have a planet if you cannot even cover the cost for it?


because I have cubits :smiley:

That is not covering the cost so you have not answered the question. If those are in game earned cubits then you have not covered the cost. . all you are doing is costing wonderstruck money.

It’s not gonna cost cubits.


sure it is. Game does not get rounds of investment without players playing it. ie time spent playing or player buying cubits

It could we will find out someday

Okay, please stop trolling with this distraction from actual discussion. It’s clear you understand and are just messing around now.


sorry but thinking the game could use cubits to buy planets is not trolling you just do not like my thoughts on the matter.

You are failing to see the reasoning behind why using cubits would cost Wonderstruck money because not everyone pays for the cubits they have. I sure haven’t.


we disagree and that is fine with me :smiley: we will see soon I hope.

Can we get this split into a ‘price speculation’ topic so I don’t have to keep checking for updates? It’d clean up the thread a bit.


Agreed. @majorvex / @Stretchious when y’all have time maybe?


Whoosh… All done!


Thanks @Stretchious : )

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Thanks now we can guess randomly for hours :smiley:

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