Sovereign Worlds price speculation

This extra time allowed me to do a lot of thinking. Do I really want to pay $20 or $25 every month for the rest of my boundless playing. My answer is no. I’ve put in over 3000hrs between my PC and PS4 account and bought premium on both and have gleam club on and off for years. Adding another monthly cost is not something I’ll be doing. Unless there is a bundle package with gleam club or a planet can be rented using cubits I am happy as I am I still only fully explored half the planets. At this point I spend most of my time on exo worlds or doing hunts.

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I cannot see the developers allowing cubits to be used to rent a planet. Since this is a cash cost for Wonderstruck to rent the servers, how would a player using cubits cover the actual cash cost? In the end, Wonderstuck has to make money to continue with development and paying the ongoing cost for the public planet servers.


I do not think it is out of the realm of possibility for cubits to be used. I farm in EVE online for the monthly premium and also on Albion online the premium can be bought using in game silver which can be farmed. Now even Fortnite allows you to use V-bucks to buy the battle pass which you can be farmed from there Save the World game. There is a lot of value having players on all the time earning and farming.

Cubits are a lot easier to get than vbucks. Also the amount of money going into those games is a lot higher. Fortnite makes millions just from iPhone mobile players on skins etc.

Also in the case of fortnite millions of players. Boundless thousands of players and sub 10k at that

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I guess we will see…someday maybe :smiley:

It cost $100 for 15000 cubits in the shop so a monthly 3000 cubits is possible. Cubits have a value given to them.

Yes, but you can earn/farm cubits in the game just by grinding XP. These cubits don’t make Wonderstruck any money, which is necessary to pay for server upkeep.


But they have a value given to them by wonderstruckgames. Just because they are farmable does not mean they have no value. wonderstruck gave them a value.

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Surprise! Private worlds cost $1000 per month

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you mean 150000 cubits :smiley:

If a hat costs $15 and the devs give it to you for free, sure they miss out on that $15 profit, but it doesn’t cost them anything.

If a rented server costs you $15 and costs them $10, if they give it to you for free, they miss out on their $5 profit, but they also lose $10 because they are now paying for your server rental for you.

There is a difference between giving out a high-profit item and giving out a perpetual cost item.


unless you buy cubit which wonderstruckgames sells for real cash.

Epic makes millions selling v-buck even if they are farmable on STW

they probably will not let you rent using cubbits since you can grind for them


The only way to guarantee that they don’t have to incur expense without matching revenue is to charge cash directly.

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I will not disagree they have value since they can be bought. However. if a server costs Wonderstruck $20 USD and 100 players use cubits earned in game to pay for a planet, where is the $2000 a month supposed to come from to pay for these planets? Do they cut down on development? Quit releasing Exo planets?

What does wonderstruck cut back on to make the planets essentially free to players?

edit: This is not like a cosmetic item or skill resets or alts that has no ongoing cost for Wonderstruck. Planets require actual cash be paid to an external entity, so the cost has to be covered some how.


anyway i will be back if the update drops today going to go look for something to watch

If people are buying cubits because they don’t have 30-40 each week to farm cubits wonderstruckgames could easily make much more then the cost of the servers.

That’s the problem. That’s not a guaranteed method of covering the cost of renting their servers from their cloud provider.

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Granted I’m sitting on 50,000 cubits from grinding so I’m bias to cubits :smiley:

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