Sovereign worlds

Any news on price? Some of us live on a “budget” and would kind of like a rough estimate from the devs. Instead of surprise it’s released and $30 a month per planet.

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Don’t think we’ll get any info regarding this until it drops. Devs have been super tight-lipped about everything (Not even a roadmap is available).

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I had some conversations on this, as I’m sure a lot of people have.

I think announcing a pricing structure at this time would focus discussion on the value proposition and really detract from the level of information and feedback they’re currently receiving on the systems they’ve demonstrated.

Yeah, I suspect there are a lot of people (proportionately) active in this discussion who would probably instantly move to “what do I care then” mode regarding features and testing.


True. From my perspective I’ve seen HUBs and people reclaiming builds because of sovereign worlds or creative worlds but what if it’s out of people’s price range and they reclaimed stuff. GC is fairly “cheap” so seeing rental worlds “high” tier priced without some indication from the devs is worrisome. Why can’t they give a price range for rental when they’re now working on creative which is a different game mode. Or is it not??

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Sovereign worlds will definitely change the landscape of the game. I think there are a few players or groups who know they will be rebuilding regardless of the outcome. For some it’s just a matter of an excuse and for all of us, there will be new spaces opening up by means of either getting a new planet and/or spaces opening up on the public worlds.

Depending on how many planets are added, where and how they orbit, and whether or not players end up getting any say in the matter it’s likely that some regions will get more populous and some less, and the busy areas will shift to some extent accordingly.

I’ve yet to see anyone say they’re sorry for reclaiming, and most of the ones who have aren’t/weren’t going to be doing anything significant until this is sorted anyways.

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We know as much as you do…

At €30 a month? Yep, I would PM James to ask to delete my forum account, I would remove the game from my PC and PS4 and I’m a goner! :smiley:

But it’s not gonna be 30 :slight_smile:

How do you know? And if so, how much will it be?

Because it’s way too gosh darn expensive that’s why!

(rest in PM)

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IMO people are being premature reclaiming hubs when we don’t have a release date or price. But that’s just me. Lol

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At the moment, it kind of feels like pre-release did when we knew the wipe was coming and the universe would start anew.

The people I play with, myself included, see little to no point in continuing with a public universe build when they know they will be moving to a sovereign or creative world in the not too distant future.


Yep, this is exactly why I took a short break from the game. I want to build and the more I read about these rentals the more I wanna build, but I usually tend to build big (and not always finish completely what I start, haha) and I feel it’s a waste to do that now because once Sovereigns release I will drop those projects in a heart beat to do other, new things on my Sovereign planet.

Continuing playing meant that all I was doing was to maintain my shops and even tho I love to do that but only if it’s one of the things that I do, not the main thing, so I decided to take a break until the next release comes!

But sjeesh, the urge to wanna build is getting to me, hurry up devs I wanna buuuuuiiiiild!!!


I’m glad I was able to test out one of the creative servers - it managed to satisfy the building itch I had for a short time lol

Now I’m just planning out stuff in MV so I can get a scale and general idea for my sovereign world build. I’m eager to get to the chiselling part again though! :joy:


One of the things I’m worried about with Sovereign worlds is that people do exactly that and leave the home worlds alone and just stick to their own worlds and economy starts to truly diminish in the game.
I might be the other way around. I may or may not get my own world, that will depend on price. But with anticipation of people maybe sticking to their own Sovereign worlds, I am building a new city with plans on hopefully reaching Great City Level one day that will have a good size Portal hub, both to sovereign Worlds and Home Planet Portal hub. Anyone interest and watching as build goes up it’s on PHEMINORUM and called IronVale :smile:
There is a portal to it currently in my Castle Forged Shop on CEPHONEX MERIKA.
Eventually I will get to portal hub area of the build and a Portal to @Alwin Compass Hub on Phem is already lined up!


No need to fear about the sov worlds, since they still have to get supplies. They are just an extension of the current universe.


If you have your own planet, don’t you have all the supplies you need? Lol

To be honest, for me personally there will be no difference. I don’t really participate in the economy either way, other than to occasionally buy more advanced coils to increase the size of the workshops for myself or my guild.

Players that opt for Sovereign worlds will still need the same materials for building as they do now, I don’t think that will change. If anything, they may well need more materials, as city/building plans can actually be started on a much larger scale without plot interference from others.

I’m also hoping that we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by the potential number of players that Sovereign worlds will bring into (and back into) the game.

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Agreed. If they want feedback on the price it would be posted. I’m sure they’ve done plenty of price comparison and research on comparable solutions via Minecraft and other games both on price, retention, etc. They’ve never communicated anything that this will be a huge money maker for them and mostly focus on covering costs with a small profit. I would be very surprised with $30 because that isn’t in line with other services based on what we are getting.

I hope most will at least let people visit the planet and we don’t have too many that are “locked” to certain people.


If that’s what it takes to get people back and playing, I have absolutely no problem with them locking off their worlds to others (even if one of those people were me :sob:).

I think the majority will allow everyone in though.


Yeah I guess for those that aren’t really around now it is fine… :slight_smile: I just hope those that play and we all cross paths with regularly are still around… hate to feel like we lost more friends or ability to visit great builds.