Space/future themed and treehouse Contest starting! Ends mid September

Star Wars contest!

Portal in the same spot as last time at dkmall

Prizes: TBD based on number of entries, but about the same as the last one probably (1 mil / 750k / 500k).

Everyone who participates gets 50k!

Contest rules:
There are two contest areas. Ewok village to the left (in the forest), other stuff straight ahead and to the right.

Your Ewok village entry can be any sort of treehouse or other Endor like things. Try to respect the trees to the extent possible. Bonus points for spiral staircases and rope bridges.

Your all other stuff can be anything outer space themed - your spaceship or whatever can be your own design, it doesn’t have to be Star Wars canon. Feel free to make an alternate universe crossover with any futuristic stuff you like! Pixel artists welcome.

Feel free to include backstory for your creation, either here or on signs in game!

Kaplah 1.5 million
Jacey 500k
Jaidic 500k
DK 500k flexible (since I’ll have to pick up slack somewhere I’m sure)

If you want to participate but need plots, I’m happy to plot for you, or to take your pixelart and preserve it for you


Start the contest now and run it until Sovereign worlds drop. Lol could be less than a week, could be a month until they release. It’ll be a timed challenge this time

Ehhhh too short of a time period for a legit contest IMO

Is it though? If sovereign world’s haven’t come by September, then that’s a whole month you could have been running the Contest. Not to mention a lot of people probably won’t get sovereign world’s on release I’d assume

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True, well maybe postpone this one and run a different one until Sovereign worlds releases. Whoever has the best looking build by then wins.

I agree with @Gerentt. How do you know it’s too short? Seems like there’s considerable work that needs to be on Creative Worlds and an insane amount of questions that don’t have answers for both Creative and Sovereign worlds. I wouldn’t expect a release for several more weeks unless you know something we don’t.


I’m pretty sure James said sovereigns are coming out before creatives

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Do you have a source for that? Because I have one from Ross saying that they’d ideally be released at the same time so if that goal has changed I’d love to know!


Hm didn’t see that post

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Just have that contest when you want. Im sure people who dont care about sovereign creative will contribute

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Screw it… make a poll.

And tbh, if anybody knows how people act during contests, its you, and maybe Illuminaughty (sp?)

should DK make a poll regarding contest?

  • yes
  • no
  • cake

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I voted for cake
Ideally lemon or lime cake


I mean obviously lemoncake cause @Leahlemoncakes . Good karma.


Maybe hold off until sovereign drops, if you can wait.

If creative drop at the same time, you could run a dual competition (one for survival and sovereign, one for creative).

That’s be a great way to welcome the new planet types to the game.


some people (who consider getting a rental) are having a break before the update goes live, and when it does they will be too busy.
maybe it will be something to do until that happens


1 or 2 weeks you say?

Like me, i struggle to find stuff to do atm and a building contest could keep me entertained. I would just need to dig through my hundreds of storage boxes to find mats :sweat_smile:

Ok let’s do this thing.

Who wants to help me build contest roads? Got a bunch of roads that need building, then we can begin!

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what kind of road you making?