Speculations for the 200 patch


Break down machine and place it back… boom, you get progress bar. At least I have for all the coils after the last patch. Don’t ask me why :joy:


Coils are not affected by the bug as far as i know. Have you tested it with machines?


I’d envision them making new crops with new recipes, keep them to low level uses like simple buffs and healing potions.

As for the update, I imagine it’ll be mostly bug fixes, balancing and stability (lets hope for 100+ per world) with maybe a few more decorative items.

Wish List:

I want armor

I would like Water source blocks.

The ability to place torches off center

As someone mentioned, poles and fences (or let us place and stack sticks and give sticks a color)


Yes, machines still no bueno.


Plot twist, next patch is 201 lmao

  1. re-balance the mining
  2. Fix all bugs
  3. Dungeon / Titan (MMO part)
  4. Guild system (MMO part)
  5. Settlement / warden system re-design (Sand box part)
  6. Mounting system (MMo part)
  7. Craft / cubit wearable cloth
  8. Note every single change detail in patch notes.


A few more on the “possible, but not likely” wish list:

Crafted dye

Colored glass

Chiseling glass

And way off base, crafted carpet and hardwood floor that works like grass but placed on stone, rock, wood, timber, brick, etc.


:smiley: yuss please!

Also #7 looks to be straight out of Landmark :stuck_out_tongue: I bet some people here played that, it was the best building game I played untill boundless hit me.


Yep, I am a Landmark refugee. It had amazing potential but was one of the worst cases of poor management I have ever seen. I will always miss my castle from Landmark. :cry:

By the way, there is another building game on the horizon that has a very similar building mechanic. I won’t mention its name here, but I am interested to see how it turns out.


Yes it was so sad man when I saw the news they stopped the development because the new owner didn’t find it fruitful enough. It would have been a huge hit shakes fist at Columbus Nova


Well like shimmering orbs wouldnt cost 500c or whatever they go for now anymore, which just makes the cost of forging insane and would make forged tools more accessible


Bring back only this, and I’ll be happy.

Well perhaps jetpacks too :stuck_out_tongue:


YESSSSSS!!! Jetpacks FTW! :joy:


Belly buttons for my avatars. I don’t know why, but my rock goblin should have one.

(And machine progress bars.)


I’m expecting:

  • Wild Bigfoot. Drops Big Feet and Fur™.
  • Ultraforge that lets us forge our Centraforges.
  • Ricin to poison our enemies.
  • Ride-able Wildstock with Nitro boost and optional training wheels.
  • Better-optimized Locations list with higher saved-location cap, current-saved-location count to tell us when we are about to hit the cap, synchronization between all alts, and categories so we can better organize our different saved locations.
  • Ibuprofen in case we get a headache.


My speculation on major feature rollout & order:

  1. Clothing (could be patch 200!)
  2. Tier 7 & 8 planets—unlocks end game items: rift, dark matter, and oort based gear
  3. Decorations (poles, beams, etc)
  4. Lance (maybe at the same time as :point_down:)
  5. Remaining creatures: hunter, ground basher (& maybe, but unlikely, worm)
  6. Armor (with meaningful stats)
  7. Titans & protectors
  8. Guilds
  9. Dungeons
  10. Farming


Lmao man that was a good laugh


i’d be happy with the reduction of rubber banding and lag. Would also be nice if they fix the creatures attacking after death and maybe remove the power needs on some lower tier items to make it less of a mind boring grind.


The creature thing isn’t a bug.


yeah i know. i read the dev’s excuse. it’s just a really bad excuse. we do it so if your ping is 1 or 500 you all get the same experience.Yet i have to go diamond mining with a 200-300 ping so constantly rubber banding and lagging out because Oceanic only has 3 worlds.I can see where the Dev’s are coming from (tongue in cheek)