Speculations for the 200 patch


200 being a rather significant number, what are your speculations/wishes/hopes for new content and features? Here’s my list:

#1: Shields - active blocking
#2: Lots of new props
#3: Water blocks
#4: Farming
#5: Powered doors, lights, elevators, jump pads
#6: Outfits

And now one that will probably never happen, but would be cool nonetheless:



You’re more optimistic than I am. More balance changes, bug fixes and a few new decor,. I don’t see new features by way of your list.

Some stuff on your list would break the game and economy


I just want better server response across the board.


My guess is 200 will be mostly QoL improvements. Better crafting interface, smarter smart stacks, auto sort, maybe even a hammer revamp?

Maybe i’m too hopeful this early.

Edit: by hammer revamp i mean specifically changes to gold and silver tools


mob hitreg fix
gleam block prestige nerf
minor footfall nerf
t2 furnace
more recipes added

  • Lot of bug fixes.
  • Proper patch notes, with nothing being held back
  • Another pass of balancing changes.
  • Introduction of new bugs because patch was rushed, again.


I actually don’t see how any of them other than farming would break the economy. Shields would add some variety to fighting. Props and outfits are just cosmetic. Water blocks and powered doors/lights are also effectively cosmetic.

Also… JETPACK!!! (Come on, I just want to fly around a little. It would be cool!)


There has been so much demand, I think at some point they will introduce farming. (not in 200) however.

I am not clear on how that breaks the economy. It might lower the cost of certain tools if the really rare materials needed for them can be farmed versus having to be gathered, but lower prices alone does not break the economy in my opinion.

I do think it will focus on bug fixes and maybe not have any new features. They may try some balance adjustments depending if they have time to see how the last ones affected supplies/prices.


You’re right. I edited my post from half to some. I get triggered when people post all these new features w/o understanding the impact on the player made economy :slight_smile:

re: Jetpack. Give me 2 days with it on a higher tier planet and I’ll show you how it can break the economy :wink:

Price alone doesn’t break the economy. Supply can as well. If they are too aggressive in the farming mechanics, then people can abuse it. re: bomb mining. That’s Drama 2.0 waiting to happen


My thoughts are:

  1. Not very likely
  2. Definitely in the works, would be cool
  3. Possibly
  4. Definitely not yet
  5. Definitely not
  6. Possibly


I see farming being brought up. The very first day I started, I shouted on Finata, “Can I build my own farm and cultivate crops.” I was pretty gutted when the first reply came across as “No.” lol such a simple word and absolutely gutted.

Farms/gardens could even have a cool down on crop periods to prevent market exploitation, to a degree. Committing to a crop like in life would have ups and downs.

But that is just a pipe dream I have for the game.


OK, you are probably right about the jetpack, lol :joy:. I do think that farming could be implemented without breaking the economy though. The real reason I support it is because I’d like to to see some functional variety to builds. I want to see building that DO different things. Right now, all we really have is workshops, shops, and portal hubs. All the rest are functionally equivalent personal builds. Granted they are oftentimes amazing and beautiful.


I would like gem and Titanium fist weapons or a melee weapon of some kind (I swear I read something about Lances at some point). Also, some kind of craftable armor for better defenses, so we can make DPS skill builds that can survive some hits in high level content.


POLES Art: Decorative pole theme explorations!


What’s in store for 200?

Nerfing hunting, building, and gathering because they feel neglected after the mining debacle. Quartering XP for crafting because its OP.

Introducing fishing. You stand there and wait with your pole in the water and catch nothing for hours. Occasionally defend yourself against wayward spitters and hoppers. Very relaxing.


Here is what I’m desperately waiting for:

  • More Faces in Character Customization
  • Outfits / Clothes
  • Wear and progress bars on Machines coming back
  • Longer Locations List (at least 10x as long)
  • Locations List “Same-Planet”-Filter in warp menu (or any filter at all)
  • Atmospheric Protection as a settlement buff (can cost fuel per hour to keep up)
  • Placeable Water Source Blocks (Let Water Buckets do their thing!)
  • Sandstone colored Rocks and Pure Azure Gleam
  • Lighting System gets improved further (we are slowly getting there, but still not on par with the beauty we had before)

A bit of wishful thinking:

  • Cat People coming back
  • Bookshelves
  • Poles and Fences
  • Wood, Metal and Gleam Signs
  • Bomb mining coming back in some shape or form
  • 2x3 Portals coming back as 1 shard / hour standard (can scale steep after that, don’t mind, smaller portals are just super ugly)
  • Guestbooks
  • Gift Stands


Only thing I want is taming. I want to steal that elite Cuttletrunk, train him, ride him and DESTROY ALL OTHER CUTTLETRUNKS!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Some additional different character models like shown previously.
Clothes or armor.
A cuttletrunk laser weapon (for us to use)
A vehicle
New recipes for ingredients to add to existing recipes.

(Wanted to have at least one we may get)


Something I really really would like is an atlas that does not show hot spots in an area already mined out.

And maybe different colours to show what altitude the hotspot is at. :pray:t2:


I will agree balance is important. But once they release it, they have no control over supply. What I mean is if you and I farm desert sword, the impact is small. If 500 players farm desert sword that will impact supply. It flips the distribution from the developers to the players. The difference might be in the hurdles to farm. If all you need is plots and let’s say fibrous leaves made into fertilizer, the barriers to entry are small and cheap. That is different than bombs. No centraforge, no gems.