Spitter nerf please

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the spitters are broken and need a rebalance. that’s the simplest way to put it. they have well over 2000 hp at level one. they are too fast to run away from. their attack does way to much damage. and did I say over powerd? my suggestion is to slow them down and increase their attack recharge. OR greatly increase the drop rate. either one.


Your kidding me right, they need to be put on steroid, even lv5 are easy to solo with high tier weapons and three lv of vitaly. Moreover, their attack is very easy to dodge. I really don’t understand what you mean by “broken” but then again, you can have your opinion.

Your right though, they have too much HP, they should have less and hit much harder. As soon as you have some vitality, it takes aeons for them to get you down. You sure you didn’t go to a high tier world at low lv and with no weapon?


You’re kidding me, right? I have an entirely opposite opinion than you, so clearly you must be wrong! But I guess you can have that opinion!

If you found that first sentence even remotely offensive, or made you feel like you were being attacked for stating your opinion on a suggestions thread, then perhaps you should reflect upon your own reply. If you didn’t find it offensive personally, then that’s great! But perhaps you can objectively see why many others might?

I apologize for picking on you in particular, it’s nothing personal. I know that this sort of behavior has become increasingly common in this forum. But I want to remind everybody here to be polite and try to remain objective and open to other points of view. How can changes be made for the better? Consider various scenarios and solutions. Is monster HP too high? Or perhaps is player damage too low? What changes could be made to make high level monsters a fun challenge, but not punishing on low level players? Just because you don’t outright agree with an opinion doesn’t make it the wrong opinion.


Agreed. Let’s keep it civil. I personally find spitters to be fine how they are.


why not make the level 1s easier to defeat (lower hp and damage) and the level 4/5’s harder?
best of both worlds?


I guess lowering the values for the moment will do greatly, until they release the updated AI and combat they’ve been working on. I expect with an improved ai, we’ll manage to give a challenge to the higher end players, without making it so only hp and damage values are changed across the tiers.


We had a small discussion on the “what I don’t like about boundless” thread

From a lower level perspective they are annoying. Posts should not really be including “higher-tier” in discussion unless you are specifically focused on level 4/5 mobs. If I remember right sharkish is of a newer level so his concerns are warranted. The balance needs to be worked on.


I’m very aware of the problems lower level players are facing with the spitters, and I’m all for lowering their hp and damage.

Just that a general nerf was requested, while lowering values on spitters hp and damage for tiers 1 and 2 will benefit the player experience greatly, it isn’t the only way to make them more manageable, we could increase the players starting hp and damage, making them not only more viable vs spitters, also versus other creatures. We could also see the new ai the devs have been working on, improve the experience greatly.

If I didn’t make it evident enough in my post, I’m completely behind lowering their values until the new ai patch comes, after said patch it will be time to be evaluated and modified after the community feedback.

Again, here we’re talking about nerfing spitters in general, I agree with nerfing spitters on starter planets, but also making them harder on ring and moon worlds will be a great choice, maybe not by increasing their values, but by seeing the new ai take place.


I would be down with that, thats a great idea i think


anyone know how to permanently kill creatures. cause i’ve hit two spitters by mistake, killed them numerous times, and they’re still following me. they move so fast that i can’t aim the slingbow, though that’s probably due to the fact i’m use to controller. So i’ve drowned them, killed them with an axe, killed them with a hammer, yet they’re still spawning and following me to my home. I can’t craft my home cause i’m constantly dying or have to run


When you kill them they show on the ground as dead. Once they are dead you might get one or two more spawns in the area of new creatures but they are different. Usually if you stay in the area and kill the ones that show you won’t see new ones for a while. But, if you keep running to new areas you will get new spawns… so that is probably what is happening.


One way I used to used to use, so mobs wouldn’t go and bother me while I build, was to dig a hole of 4 x 4 blocks or something and drag creatures down that hole, normally they would accumulate and since spawning only did a certain number of creatures for an area, no new spawns appeared to harass you, I don’t know if this still works with the new way creatures spawn, but it’s worth a try.


so the aggro doesn’t leave after you kill them?


Yes agro goes away for that one mob after they are dead but there is a consistent spawn happening around you over time. If you stay in the same area you shouldn’t have too hard of a time after you kill a few and should have a while before more show.


just throwing in some info…

also creatures don’t attack players till they are level 6. giving them time to put points into hp / power etc

Few things ARE balanced atm =) (kinda comes with the development / early access process)

i have to say though, Spitters have never been easier than they are now… at least in terms of being able to dodge their projectiles… previously you had to have near precognitive abilities to get them to miss… especially that first shot that always came out of nowhere with 0 warning =P

i personally don’t mind spitters atm… but that has mostly to do with my knowledge of their behavior and how to deal with them (like having to use the terrain to slow them down / hang them up if you don’t want to fight). so i can see how they could be quite frustrating to a new player with limited knowledge, weapons, & healing items.


I don’t think spitters should be nerf. I think they are great how they are currently.
What I would like to see is them removed from starter planets. Bring back road runners. Maybe mo’pigs. Non aggressive mobs that add to the variety to the world. If you’re going to have aggressive mobs have then secluded where players would actually have to seek them out to find and not in your face at every corner. I don’t even know why they removed road runners, I was mesmerized when I first encountered a road runner in Berlyn. I spent half hour chasing it! If a player wants a challenge then they can move to a tier 2 or 3 planet.


Thanks alot for the advice. the trap pit worked perfectly