Stairs vs ramps

Something that has bothered me since the beginning of time is the slight pause in movement when starting up a staircase compared to the smooth movement a ramp offers. I feel staircases should act the same as slopes or ramps. That little hiccup in movement when trying to run up some stairs feels like the game is glitching or choppy. It doesn’t feel good to walk up stairs. However, stairs, in my opinion, look better then ramps. So I’m torn. I continue to use stairs but only in areas that I want that look. Can we please make using stairs more seamless like ramps? I’m ok with the little bobble that happens when using them, I just don’t want that brief pause that happens when hitting that first step.


I definitely agree with this. The faster your run speed is, the harder it is to run up stairs. I always end up going with ramps because stairs are just frustrating.


Too many times have I ended up getting death by stairs. I grapple up them now :joy:


Don’t even get me started on impact damage in this game. XD One of the silliest things about Boundless.


Ancient Oortians committed suicide by drinking speed brews and running up stairs. That was the most honorable death they could get.

Edit: Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to heaven” was probably inspired by this :joy:


They didn’t even need stairs, just waving their hands was enough


They road cuttletrunks everywhere

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Not to mention the overdone head bobbing and grappling up stairs parallel to the angle catches and slows you.


doesn’t it seem like u can slide down stairs more easily than ramps. that seems backwards. also steps seem to stop you from running up sometimes. imo steps look better in a build than ramps tho… although both have there place.

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I play with the head bob off


Well then this maybe doesn’t apply to you. Running up/down stairs causes you to rapid-fire machine gun bob.

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I’m a stair guy. Most of the time I just grapple anyways.

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I use ramps as much as i can and if i use stairs its a small one just a few steps only. But yeah if your run speed is high stairs are deadly and also when i go down stairs i tend to get bounced off them sometimes and get hurt

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I use stairs but i dont use “normal ones” like others maybe. -> 2 blocks then you just chisel middle parts of those with square . Reguires chisel epic.
Maybe try those? Do you still get the nod?

Lost count of how many times I have died to stairs…

You definitely bounce on stairs it’s not the same as the head bob.

Yes it’s like you’re bounding down the edges while a ramp provides a ‘solid surface’ for foot grip.

I tried to find a clip of someone sliding down stairs in boots but i could only find comedy vids of people falling. Probably appropriate though lol.



Exactly! :grinning:


Can you share a picture

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