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So I live on Maryx, I live alone in some forest, I figured out how to warp, and I managed to mine on more dangerous worlds for a bit. Unfortunately it costs far too much for me to continue my expeditions and weekly/daily feats aren’t going to do me justice. There’s a lot of cool stuff that you can’t craft unless you have the spark generator it seems (like a shop stand or a basic sign board) and now I feel a bit stuck as to what I should be doing.


When I first started I found the Portal Seekers hub on my planet and marked it as a location, you can warp to anywhere on the same planet for only 100 coins, so I used this as a stepping stone to go to other planets cheaper.


^This. Find your local Portal Seekers hub and the whole universe will be at your fingertips. There’s a map available on the Portal Seekers website and the Official Boundless Discord that can help you get around the network. We’re also working on (maybe) adding in-game maps of the network.


There should be at least 3 hubs ending at your planet.

I only know of three full portal networks, portal seeker, aqua, and hubbit network.

Go exploring look for purple dots on the radar it shows you the portal.

Portal networks are set up so players can travel between planets for free.


The problem in looking for the purple dots is that now many are behind locked doors. On a level 2 planet I was searching all over for a portal, didn’t make the PS one I came through, my fault. After exploring all over trying to find the city, a portal that wasn’t behind a locked door I gave up and shelled out the 400c to warp to a nearby planet where I had a outpost and a beacon.

Visit other planets, go through the hubs and make the location of the portal you arrived at. Then you can set the find the location and have it guide you back to it. Pick out a planet you like and place a outpost near the portal and see if there is a settlement close by.
Guilds will soon be where it will be a good option to join one. I would imagine all settlements will have some type of guild. And many guilds have their own setup of machines, or you can get limited access to them and help from other players. On Sorris II there is a nice settlement, Lucana I think I spelled it right. Go to the Ultima hub and on the second level is a portal, Nocturume Emporium, I think that is the name, and it will take you to the settlement. The warden is nice and he or one of the others will help you find a spot. I have a outpost there.
Ask questions here, many here are very knowledgeable and are more than willing to give assistance.


O I know that looking for the purple dot is not fast it is going to be tedious, but it is an option that saves money.

Other solution would be make a warp augment go to the sanctuary and warp into a big city or portal hub straight away from the sanctuary . If he still has 100 coin.

I was thinking about getting off the planet without spending coin.


Once you find the first ps hub on your planet just save every hub you travel too after that also so when you venture out to gather/mine you can easily find your way back.


Find awkward city Maryx I have portal at my base to mayor network save location and feel free to use it is cheap warp for you it’s white villa in hills around it


I’ll bring up with Simoyd if it is possible to add the locations of the PS hubs on his map website. Would that be helpful to newer folks? We probably need make it more visible to newer folks that the website exists too.


Once you find a way to access portals off planet, you maybe want to set up your own small portal to let you jump straight to it. Most hubs have small 2x1 portals near them for on-planet player portals.

But the cost will be a concern. So what do you need?

For a same planet portal you need 2 portal conduits. You won’t be able to craft these yet, but it’s worth shelling out for them. Look around the town for a good price, or shout out on chat. You never know you might get a very good deal :wink:

Next you need a token from the portal you want to jump to. I’ve seen these from 0c to 500c. Again scout around. Make sure your chosen portal faces North/South.

The next thing is fuel. And this is an ongoing requirement. Best to find a low level hunt to join - someplace like Lamblis. You could ask on here if anyone would start one? After 30 minutes or an hour you will have enough fuel to open your portal and run it for a week or 2. Of course, you could just buy the first bit of fuel to get you started and skip this step. You will need 50 shards to open the portal and 1 per hour to keep it open; so 100 would be a good start for this weekend :slight_smile: Rough Oort refines down from 18 to 250 shards with Bulk Crafting skill.

Lastly you need to open your portal:

  • Go to your plot
  • Place the portal conduit where you want portal - same shape - one on the other
  • Put the token you got into the portal
  • Add the fuel
  • Make sure you have the Portal skill, then open it

You might think this a lot of work/cost, but it REALLY changes the nature of the game. There is no ongoing credit cost to the portal if you farm your own Oort Shards - except replacing weapons and food, I guess.

If you want assistance with getting any of this done - just ask!


I’ll be adding this this weekend.


Anyone have the actual cords for any of the hub locations they can post so he can find them?? I can do it later when I get home from work.

Gateway North East Altitude
Boori -620 -140 124
Biitula 708 412 84
Cephonex Merika -349 -2044 75
Gloviathosa 1804 -788 76
Grovidias Te -1260 -1220 84
Gyosha Ophin -308 1972 76
Imdaari 1100 -1580 100
Lamblis -1364 -1524 68
Xa Frant -172 2276 84
Alcyon 2004 -244 84
Alder 1732 332 68
Alnitans -1660 932 76
Angel I -540 -1308 68
Antar VII 2284 532 69
Arie -844 916 68
Beckon -2220 532 76
Besevrona -1012 -2076 84
Cardass 1636 2140 76
Circarpous I 1332 332 92
Delta Cancret -1356 372 76
Eresho 1380 -1268 84
Finata 236 -940 68
Flan 1861 -1217 68
Galan 420 -1180 65
Gellis 140 -1380 68
Houchus I 1644 508 76
Imoco 1788 1020 84
Kada I 60 1324 80
Kol Huroo 692 940 57
Lasaina -292 428 70
Lutrion 1236 -1460 76
Malurialakrib -284 1540 75
Maryx 188 -268 68
Minorengle 1124 1796 68
Niia Zed Ka -1244 1628 84
Norkyna -548 284 73
Pheminorum -1180 412 67
Raxxa 1548 -523 76
Refgar -2244 692 108
Seginiakai 1116 972 132
Serpensarindi -1219 2188 76
Shedu Tier 211 -1492 72
Sochaltin I 1524 980 84
Sorissi -12 -1156 68
Storis II 1603 1156 68
Tana VII -180 -500 76
Till 2036 1380 148
Trior 1348 1044 68

Gathered by @Dumaru

Useful References
Useful References

Nice! Love when the community helps new players!!! Best game promo!! I can actually use this too! Thanks :pray:


Would be a great addition to the thread with all those other resources!

Also, when in doubt just head for the yellow dot on your radar. That’s the planet’s capitol city and usually has portals. Also take a peek at any purple dots you pass along the way, they may have a portal to a hub or the yellow dot. If it’s locked or complicated move along, don’t waste time trying to figure their build out.


You are definitely welcome at Lacuna on Storis 2! Getting hooked up with other players, even if its just a little bit, is extremely helpful. :smiley:


This community is what keeps me engaged!


Fantastic, I can really use this also. Times when I have spent at the least, probably two hours running all over a planet trying to find a portal that isn’t locked behind closed door, or the icon shows up but they are private portals for the city/guild members.


I was glad that someone guided me to that city. It isn’t my main base, but my favorite second base. The people are nice, it is easy to get around, As a level 1 planet it is perfect when I want to gather plants, chop berries from trees, do some hunting.
Some of the pits that you can fall into have coal, copper and on rare occasions a bit a iron in them so that is a nice touch when you fall into one.

Anyhow, it is a nice planet to have for a safe home base, a backup base or just a outpost.


The yellow dot thats always on your compass is the captial city on any planet. Head there, they will have portals you can use.