Useful References


Looks like the ones I had up were a bit old; FYI, I just rebuilt my list - some of the lower numbers may have jumped around a bit

Updated to include that :+1: Still hiding the rest of the not-yet-released items, though


At one point in the past, I was pretty active on the wiki, as well (and even have a forum title to go with it!)—but was repeatedly told that people preferred the forums over it.

I’d be glad to help update the wiki if people are more regularly using it now.


The wiki will be far more expandable with the growing player base :slight_smile:

My wife for instance, she just started playing last week, she knows nothing about forums, but uses wiki pages for other games all the time. I’m sure she is not an isolated case either.


Hey @nevir, I assume the new signs have different Prestige values? If so could you add them to the list?


Hi, this is a really great resource that I use quite frequently, so thank you very much!

I do have one small request, can you update the block colours by world sheet to have all the planet names in black, or at least a dark colour, as at least half of them I have to select the word to see the writing. Not a massive deal for me to do, but if the writing was darker it would save everyone a little bit of hassle!

Thanks again.


isnt there a link for it? xD


I posted one a while back… List of colour names

Colour names may have changed since then :man_shrugging:



Ohh! This is very helpful thanks!

Still don’t understand why the game give a colour number instead of the full name when you have an item of a specific colour in a request basket!


Just remember that in game the colour IDs start from 1, so add 1 to the numbers here (I think?)


Probably but they’re somewhere close lol


By color.

Edit 28 dec.
Was missing a few ones…


Out of interest what did you use to generate that?




:joy: fair enough!


I’m working on exactly that in-game lol. It soothes my ocd, thank you kind sir


+1 for using the wiki.
This thread does not come up when using an external search engine, despite being THE BEST resource by far that I’ve found.
It wasn’t until I was directed to the PS Discord (by an in-game sign) and then found a link to this forum post. Not the most intuitive way for beginners to find useful information.

Working and studying, with a family, I sadly can not commit any time to updating the wiki. I’ve found in the past it ends up being all I do, which is fun for a while, but with a game like this there are likely to be a LOT of changes, so it becomes exceedingly frustrating being one of 6 people trying to do all the work, quickly leads to burn out, and a complete loss of enjoyment for that game.

Kudos to both @bregma and @nevir for all your work.


Just saw this gem on another thread; thought it would fit in nicely here if @nevir can add it to the OP list?

Edit - thanx to @Dumaru via @Simoyd


Gyosha Ophin T3 tech component 3.42

The Resource Distribution sheet has the above error.
Gyosha Ophin actually has 0 Tech Components. I’m sure you can imagine how impressed my wife was that I sent her there looking :speak_no_evil:
I’m not sure who owns the sheet to give direct feedback.


@Prome3us thanks for pointing this out.
Since the OP is a wiki, you can just add the info in a reply, and create your own link to that reply in the OP.

Thanks to @Simoyd and @Dumaru for the info, and the rest of PS for keeping the network running.