Steam Controller worth using?

I have mine put up somewhere (Got it in the Dark Souls 3 Bundle), any input on it, vs keyboard and mouse would be nice. (In this game I mean)

I started using it 7 weeks ago due to being stuck in bed following surgery. It took me about a week to get used to, now I can do everything with it. I’m now about to move back do a desk, so may or may not use the controller any more. I’ll let you know!

The main advantages I can see it having over ps4 is steam and setup more complicated binds. I also like that it will automatically walk or run depending on how I push the left stick, hate having to hold down shift all the time. It’s less fatiguing in your hands, and you can sit and lay down and play.

Disadvantages are grapples are not as easy to use, and definitely feel like they are somewhat hamstrung when trying to jump with them. The menus on pc don’t behave as you would expect with a controller. The steam UI for typing is absolute trash, it’s buggy and sometimes blocks input. Also the steam big screen mode can’t be drawn higher than 1920x1080, you can force it bigger but it stretches the textures. If your keyboard is not handy, it’s hard to alt tab to search for anything and controlling your music is a pain. I had to buy a mini Bluetooth keyboard, use it to chat and control media.

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Thanks for the info!

I’ve been gaming 100% on steam controller for the last three-ish years; I don’t think I can ever go back to keyboard & mouse.


  • Input is surprisingly precise due to the touch pads—and if you’re a fps player, touch pad + gyro is insanely precise.
  • So many buttons you won’t know what to do with yourself (I used to play WoW with it; even end-game raiding and PvP)
  • You can do some pretty neat things with it (chorded binds, overlays, etc)


  • It will take you weeks to get used to it, and feel effective at it.
  • So many buttons you won’t know what to do with yourself (configuring a new game can be a huge time sink if there are not any great community configs available yet)
  • For chatting, you’ll still want a wireless keyboard (the on screen keyboard is pretty good, but still not fast enough)

FWIW, I’ve published a very thorough controller config for Boundless that I’d encourage you to check out, if you do end up trying it out: Updated Steam Controller Layout

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Boundless and the Steam controller pair together well.

I’m always using it when grinding out mats and use it for combat outside of the hardest hunts.

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