Steam Reviews - Please

So it would really be great if all of you great people that love Boundless could go leave a Steam review even if you play it on console.

I think it may have an impact on having some new players join and also show activity and active players playing the game.


I had one mostly written but lost it … and that many words has made me unwilling to rewrite.

I will see what I can find.

Just know that the negative police will see this post and mobilize, mate. :smirk:

( edit - luckily i’ve put them all on ignore )

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I For one sure will update my review… After like 3years. Not gonna be so gucci tough



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I had been thinking about updating mine, but have been waiting to see these new announcements James mentioned. As it stands my update would be ‘X amount of years on and still enjoying enough to play every day…’ :slight_smile:


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Hey @Eneitgranny Welcome to the forums :heart:


I’ll make a review but 1st I wanna hear James-chan speak of the future (O.O)


I’m not saying to write a glowing review, but an honest one. I know it may not be perfect, but the game can be enjoyable and the community (except a select few) are a gem.

@ardele I totally feel you, but the game as a whole is pretty decent. I have said my peace when it comes to what I feel it is lacking. The game can be played as it stands, just fine. It would benefit from a more proactive Dev team that communicates better sure.

Overall, the game is playable and is pretty enjoyable. I bought the game not knowing about:

  • Takes 3+ months to get a response that Early Access rewards have not been finalized.
  • No alternate races
  • Still waiting for protectors/guardians/titans and ancient ruins
  • Lurker is lurking about
  • Ground Pounder still not released
  • No real content updates for 2+ years
  • Early Access showed more mobs/weapons and such.

And here I am a year or so later still enjoying the game. Maybe if the game made more money development would become a higher priority. I don’t know, I am just tired of complaining about things that may or may not happen and just enjoy it while I can.

If it’s not enjoyable for someone it is just time to move on.


I’m with @BabyCookie on this one- I’ll review once we hear the future plans and timeline.
I tried that other mine!aft game the other day and nearly vomited :face_vomiting: after 2 min - right click delete hahha

BOUNDLESS has all the :key: s to become soo much more.

I want :dragon: s :fish: :snake: :bat: :japanese_ogre:


Around the start of this year I did leave a neutral review for the game despite having had the game in my Steam library since early/mid 2017.

Honestly, I’ve never been one to get particularly hung on the whole “omg why no titans yet” thing, and I accepted fairly early on the somewhat fluid development, especially because that did bring us some nice things that maybe hadn’t been planned from the start and which were essentially community suggestions. Sure, I do very much dislike the fact that the main website and Steam store page show outdated and inaccurate things, but it is what it is and I guess buyers always should have some discretion and not buy a game at face value, because that’s rarely a good idea anyway.

In any case, it would be nice to see the development return to some kind of pace (any pace at this point) and I’d probably update my part of the review regarding that aspect should updates start having any sort of frequency at all again.


I am kind of surprised by this as you are one of the few people that stick up for Boundless more than anyone else. You constantly give it glowing reviews on these forums and have stuck by your guns. :man_shrugging:


Maybe the @BabyCookie jar is near empty …… and needs some :heart: n

Maybe :thinking: Oortian god status

James-chan Stole my :cookie: I must retaliate Muhahahaha


Well I just skimmed through the first 100 steam reviews. 47 of them were negative, with several of them being from EA players. 53 reviews were positive.
Lots of them were updated reviews, some from players with over 3000 hours.


I suppose my point was, there are a number of players that advocate for the game and never say a bad word about the game on the forums, yet I seldom see those people post a review on Steam.

It’s either they have some other name on Steam or just don’t care about the game as much as the state here.


My review will include the negative of not having Mint Verdant Grass yet I need 400SS of it still Nada

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I finally remembered to make an account :slight_smile:


Thats just r N g baaaby

I recently updated my ‘hours’ on my steam review. Never even knew you could do that, I’d recommend everyone who has already made a review in the past to also do this. (I made my review at about 150 hours originally, updated it to show my 3k+ hours)

For those who don’t know: When you post a steam review, it also posts how many hours experience of that game you have when you wrote the review. So if there is a bad review from someone with 2 hours, you know its not to be taken seriously. Likewise with a review from someone with thousands of hours, they probably know what they’re talking about.