Steggs' Boundless Adventures!

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Hi guys!

After falling in love with the game, I’ve decided to do a series on Boundless! Please feel free to leave some tips, feedback or things you’d like to see in the future and I’ll happily take it all on board :slight_smile:

I’ll be putting 3 up every week, part 1, 2 and 3 are below, I’ll post comments with new videos as they come. Enjoy!


Another series to enjoy :smiley: Good job mate!


Thanks mate! Once I get a little more familiar with things, feel free to let me know what you’d like to see :slight_smile:


I love to see the first staggering steps, its very fun. :slight_smile:
Probably good for the devs to…


I think your series will be very helpful to people who start off. Yes you can remove your beacon.

sure, will make sure to watch every video and give you feedback, if you keep on doing so you might make me interested in making youtube videos again haha :smiley:

It’s wierd watching these because they are the exact same things that I’ve found “non intuitive” over the past few days XD I’m really enjoying them, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I’m not the only one who’s misinterpreted something or simply been as blind as a bat (or keeps falling down holes).

Before the most recent Objectives were added yesterday I’d had placed my firepit and my crucible separately and I was wondering why they weren’t working lol

If you continue down this route it will be a great tool for the Devs to see if their tutorial stands up inside of the game.

There’s so many people from so many different genres attracted to this game that for some, one thing might be super obvious, but for someone from a different game background it won’t be obvious at all.


Good to know the first steps aren’t a bad thing! You’re all probably right about it helping out the devs too, so I’ll keep going like this!

Thanks for the feedback and tips so far! Next episode will be up tomorrow :smiley:


Part 3:
We’re off to explore the world and find a better home today, once we get there we’re gunna find some metal and craft our first workbench :smiley:


coal is better than wood in the furnace (you already got coal in your inventory) :wink:


Ah thanks @Miige ! figured it was, just wasn’t sure if it had another purpose for late game :slight_smile:


We’re figuring out the Workbench today and trying to find some copper! Special thanks to DanBeforeTime for telling me where it is! Now I know where copper is, I swear I find it everywhere.


Very nice :slight_smile:
btw spark coming from a core, a machine you can craft later down the machine chain (or bye from others, or from market).
They work like the furnace, putting in fuel to generate sparks, and connect to other machines with pipes.

Good luck.


Thanks Heureka! Ohhhh ok cool so I gotta go for a power core and link it up with the pipes? Sweet, I’ll have a look at that :slight_smile:


Here is a good site by @Stretchious with a lot of information.


Yeah I had a little look on there, but didn’t study it enough! I’ll take a more in depth look tonight. Also @Stretchious that’s an awesome site :slight_smile:


Thanks! Still needs a lot of work … images… [cough], but it’s getting there :wink:


There’s lava!! :smiley: Oh and we’re building a Compactor today in preparation to craft a power core, still a couple more things to craft first though. I reckon 2 episodes time we might get one!

As always, thank you all for being such an awesome community. I’m super proud to be a part of it, even if I’ve only been here a couple of weeks :slight_smile:


I’m loving these so much, really it’s just like my time in the game.

I see Dan gave you the heads up about Smart Stacks, so your copper should have been hiding behind your smelted iron in the last vid. You’ll develop a love hate relationship with Smart stacks, you’ll love them for giving you LOADS of bag space for mining, then hate them when they hide your really important thing in the middle of a random stack and you spend ages finding it lol


the red with minus removes plot and the blue with plus adds plot. Press R to move up, F to move down with grappling hook. not sure if its already added or not but silver hook, gold hook etc… increases the range you can shoot with it. :slight_smile:

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