Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck

Hi everyone,

After a lot of consideration I’ve made the difficult decision to resign from my position here at Wonderstruck. I’ve met some fantastic people both at the studio and within the community whom I’ll miss dearly, and I’m extremely grateful to all of you for making my time here an absolute blast; sure there’s been ups and downs as with any community, but you guys really are a great bunch of players, and I’ll be sad to not be around as much.

Now, I’ve been around this industry long enough to know how many different rumours can go around if things aren’t clarified very well, so before that happens I wanted to anticipate some questions I’ve been asked before and answer them straight away.

Q: Why are you leaving?
A: I’m being selfish. I’ve been offered a position at another studio and while I enjoy being here, I simply want to take this new opportunity.

Q: Did you get “let go”? Should we be worried about the games future?
A: No, absolutely not. The game is in good shape right now, new features are coming, along with lots of bug fixes and stability improvements. Wonderstruck are already on the lookout for more QA and Community people, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Q: Did you enjoy working at Wonderstruck?
A: Yep! Wonderstruck is an awesome place to work, the people are great, the game is super great, and the community are wonderful.

Q: Who will be replacing you?
A: We’re interviewing for QA and Community positions. In the interim period SamF and James will be looking after the forums, and our internal support will handle in game reports.

Q: When is your last day?
A: Wednesday 7th November (this week).

Q: What studio will you be working at?
A: I can’t say just yet, but if you’re super interested, you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter - @ Steggs101. I’ll be announcing it next week.

I think that should just about cover the usual things that pop up in situations like this, but if you have any other questions relating to my departure, you’re more than welcome to ask here.

The Boundless community has always been one of my favourite gaming communities since I started playing the game in 2017, the majority of players are incredibly friendly and I’m constantly impressed with how that friendliness translates over to new players. Yes, there are of course conversations that get heated, but as long as the majority make their voices heard and stick to the core principles of this community, I’m confident it will continue to flourish.

I’m accepting leaving gifts in the form of AoE Diamond Hammers… :wink:

Be nice, play nice, and don’t get into fights.






But good luck for the future!


is it okay to “like” this post? :cry:
We will miss you Steggs!

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I bid you good luck in all of your further endeavors


thanks for your input into the boundless community, if i had a AOE hammer in my pocket i would gift it to you straight away without a doubt! once again thank you and good luck at your new job mate!

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Damn! Well glad you’re happy :smiley:

Will we be seeing you playing in-game just like the rest of us Muggles?


Ive only joined the community a short while ago but you’ve been great from what I can tell. Sucks to see you go but what’s best for you always comes first. Enjoy the new position and congratulations :tada:

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Good luck and have fun.

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Love you @Steggs101! Best of luck on your new adventure, buddy :slight_smile:


You’re leaving Wonderstruck, but are you leaving Boundless as well?

Sorry to hear you’re leaving the company, but congrats on getting a new job; may it be fruitful.


Gl to the future steggs! Thx for your service!

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Thanks for putting up with us :slight_smile: And good luck with the new gig!


Good luck and a lot of sucess.

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This is sad to hear, but I hope you the best for your future. And thank you.

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Thanks for all the hard work and i hope you have a wonderful time at the new studio. Good luck :wink:

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I to would like to know if your going to stick around in game?


He said gift him aoe hammers as a parting gift lol so i would assume so

You will be sorely missed! It was great having you around :grin:


I certainly will be sticking around in game :slight_smile: