Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck


One of the best devs members is leaving :frowning: we will miss u Steggs :frowning: Good luck in your new job !!! @Steggs101


Pffffttt…sell-out. :wink:


Good luck on your new adventure Steggs! Here’s to the future :beers:


It’s sad to hear that you will be leaving, as since you were very kind and as dedicated as you were to your job and I as well as many thank you for what you have done to help the developers and the community in the time you were here!

Thank you again and may your further endeavors be ever greater!

Cheers, :beers:
From Combyte


all the very best for the future.


Another studio?? I would have at least held out for a two bedroom with an attached garage :stuck_out_tongue:

(Best of luck to you @Steggs101 :slight_smile:)


Let me cast my vote the new company is Square Enix.


Hope you have fun at your new job


Best wishes at your new company, Steggs! It’s been a joy having you police the forums lol


Take care of yourself, @Steggs101, and keep in touch.

One more question; what happened to your YouTube channel?


I always thought you were a bot lol. Sorry to see you go.


What’s a Steggs?

(PS, all the best!)


Best of luck in your future endeavors!


Best of luck!


So we have 2 days of work to get out of you is what I heard. Forum is about to go nuts!


I did not known you very well since i started the game with pre-release, but you was a great Community Supporter for that what i saw from you last 3 months.

Have fun and big success at your new job! :slight_smile:


Speaking of parting gifts… Have you got a desk lamp? Can I have it?

Seriously though, best of luck, Steggs. We’ll miss you.

PS: I’ll be in touch about the lamp. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, where is the Steggs monument going to be located at community? Should it be a statue? Perhaps carved into the side of a mountain? With a wall telling stories of Stegg’s feats from individual experiences dealing with him.


While it’s sad to see you go, those who stop moving, drown.

Congratulations on your new gig and good luck in future endeavors.

I’ll watch for you in game.


Good luck, have fun, mr. Steggall.
I shall try to don’t miss you.