Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck


Thanks for all the support guys, really means a lot! :slight_smile:

To answer a couple of questions:

@Pseudonym84 That stopped when I came to Wonderstruck. I used to use my previous studio to do all my videos, and didn’t have access to it anymore.

@philelliott A “Steggs” is the best meal in the world - Steak and Eggs :smiley: (it’s also a shortened version of my unfortunate surname :stuck_out_tongue: )

This comment wins though :joy:


Your surname is Stegosaurus though right?!


omg my exact thought!!


Good bye @Steggs101 hope life treats you well😁


hey, i whish you all the best at the new job and hope to see you around ingame. Iam sry to see you go as community manager at wonderstruck, as you have always been super awesome in that role :smiley:



Nah, it’s Steggatron.


The hour is at hand! Best of luck with whatever the future holds, and remember to stay Boundless!


All the best!

Well, we didn’t like to say but… :slight_smile:


Haha. I have a Chinchilla, which was originally called Meg, until we found out she’s actually male…

Now he’s called Megatron.


Good luck to you :slight_smile: you did a good job here.


I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to handle that scenario.


Now the Question is, who is taking over his Job and helps me getting rid of that 1 plot Player purposfully Blocking my build?
Or do i have to get banned for Building him in/intigrating his 1 plot into mine?


@FayaAOP Use the same in-game reporting function as normal. One of the team will review it.


Is that a family guy reference? :wink:


We did originally call her Meg so that we could constantly tell her to ‘shut up’, but now he’s a boy Meg no longer suits him.

Megatron does though, seeing as he transformed from a girl into a boy.


@Stretchious that is a Wonderful idea, albeit i did…3 times, in the last 3 weeks :slight_smile:
I guess unless i Mention any staff i will not get anywhere,
Sorry i hijacked this goodbye post.
Time to get my ban :wink: