Step by step rift bow forge

Disclaimer: This isn’t intended as a guide, or do I suggest it is the best way to forge, there seemed to be some interest in another post of my rift forging process so I thought I would show my steps.

I will be aiming for devastating damage and both Longevity boons (heavy duty and fly fast)

Attempt 1

round 1

targeting devastating damage first, effect boon

round 2

Effect gum again, to make it more likely to get an effect boon

round 3

This text will be hidden

round 4

Bust, didn’t get devastating damage, deconstruct for chance of getting mats back

round 5

All mats returned

Mats used up: 2 deconstruction resin 3

Attempt 2

Repeat first 3 rounds

round 4

Missed, repeat round 3

round 5


round 6

All mats returned

4 deconstruction resin 3 used

Attempt 3

Repeat first 4 rounds

round 5


round 6

This text will be hidden

6 deconstruction resin used

Attempt 4

Repeat first 4 rounds

round 5

Success! Devastating damage achieved, and a nice little initial boost
Vigour catalyst used to clear board

round 6

As I have now got the boon with the biggest fail chance, and i am targeting both Longevity boons, I will set up for multiple rounds of corruption boon.
First 2 rounds of invigoration paste for vigour boost

round 7

round 8

Now 2 rounds of Longevity gum

round 9

round 10

Protection paste to reduce stability cost

round 11

Fate paste to reduce rng

round 12

Corrupted boon until both longevity boons are achieved

round 13

round 14

Uh oh, second longevity boon (heavy duty) missed and critically lucky got instead.
Decision time, do I now scrap and try again, or go with what I’ve got, as it’s actually not a bad set up?
Let’s go with it.
Vigour catalyst to wipe board and add some vigour

Now that I have a full board of boons, let’s pause to count up mats used so far:

6x deco 3
4x effect gum
4x longevity gum
4x vigour catalyst 2
4x invigoration paste 2
2x protection paste 2
2x fate paste 2
8x corrupted boon

round 15

The defect bar is getting a little high for my liking, and I’ve got a bit of vigour to spare, so use defect reversal 2

round 16

I want to target damage, so 2 rounds of effect gum

round 17

round 18

2 rounds of protection, 1 of fate

round 19

round 20

round 21

Keep going with corrupted until I’m happy with damage, or something else happens

round 22

round 23

round 24

Now at level 6 damage, which is good and I want to se if I can spread the boon points a bit, so I’m gonna clear the board

I also hit a defect, but not enough pints to activate

round 25

Let’s reduce the defect points

round 26

Now let’s just see how high I can get the boons, slight error here, I intended to use protection first, not fate.

round 27

round 28

round 29

round 30

round 31

round 32

round 33

Hit another defect here, but not enough points to activate

round 34

Defect points getting high, let’s reduce

round 35

round 36

At this point I have level 8 damage, level 5 distance and level 3 critical chance.
I could squeeze another corrupt boon, but the chances of hitting a defect and activating one is relatively high at this late stage, so I think I will finish these here.

round 37

This is the final result.

I’ll count up the mats used

6x deconstruction resin 3
4x longevity gum
8x effect gum
6x defect reversal catalyst
10x protection paste 2
8x fate paste 2
22x corrupted boon 2
6x vigour catalyst 2
6x invigoration paste 2
2x setting resin

Remember this is for 2 slings, so half the amounts for a single. And includes any wasted mats from failed attempts (if you spot any mistakes in my counting, just let me know)

I have no idea if this a lot of mats or a little, and don’t know what the average costs would be.

And questions, comments, advice, constructive criticism would be well received!


Like those stats. That must of taken a bit of effort to put all that together. Thanks for posting this!!.

I have a few rift slingbows in the oven! Lol. I’ll give it a go next time I get to forge and give you some feedback then. :+1:

I haven’t gone through the whole thing, but this is awesome. I know some of the top forgers can be secretive with their boards are rotations, so it is great to see someone getting good results and helping the community as a whole better understand the forging process!

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Total ingredient cost comes to ~1800c for those interested :slight_smile: Used reasonable buy prices for base ingredients from and calculated with Shopkeeper's Price Calculator


Nice, thanks for that!

Just checking, was that just the forging mats?

Or did you include tool mats?

I guess just forging, but wanted to be sure.

Just forging!

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Only that matters is dmg. I add usually 50g weight to my projectiles to give handicap for those poor spitters

This is completely different from my forging technique but I want to give it a try.

Looks expensive. Good for personal use tho.

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Not sure if that’s expensive or not, never really compared it to others costs.

Though it was indicated a while back from a forge shop owner that their average cost per forge was about 3500c, but that was a while back and prices may have changed since then!

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Prices have dropped significantly since then especially in the creature trophies department…

ah I see no transmutes that will save some money.

What do you do differently?