Stepping Stone Project for new players and old [REVISED AS REQUESTED]

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I will be building a housing district called stepping stone for new players, one on every starter world (starting with therka) complete with crafting stations, storage, chiselled interior / exterior, basic tools, beacons, fuel and a direct portal link to social hubs / shops. These homes will be yours to claim and do with as you wish. You are not forced to choose these homes of course but they are there if you need a helping hand. I will also offer empty plots and materials / advise on building along side the prefab homes

I hope this will temporarily resolve the issue of certain hurdles that can be frustrating to some players entering the game. I ask the members of the community to do anything they can to help new players while the community and developers agree upon certain features and the games overall direction.

I wanna see this game thrive and evolve and the only way we all can achieve this is by capturing that little bit of magic we all experienced when we first joined and sharing it with others.

With love,

Side note:
As vital as community feedback on the forums can be, processing information and acting upon that information can be a gruelling task in which the end result does not always reflect everyone’s ideas. So in light of this I am asking all existing players interested to not only vocalise your opinions in a constructive manner on the forums but if possible fashion them into something tangible in game so that developers and community members alike can better understand the games flaws, hot topics and saving graces and ultimately act upon that information. Actions speak louder than words.

Useful forum posts:


cool post Glychi, would love to see some screenshots of our hard work up on this post to show people the progress and what the place looks like

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Very nice.