Iron Sky


I always liked flying structures, and wanted a planned, themed city too. So I made one, where anyone can join, if he/she accepts the theme and the restrictions!

I introduce you Iron Sky:

From below:

From the top:

The ‘engine’:

The ‘engines core’:

The roads:

Its located on Munteen VII (EU ring planet), have portals to different locations and have 8 (3 plot long and 3 plot wide) ‘slots’ which ones can be settled!

A ‘slot’:

The interplanetary portal room:

The planetary portal garden:

Anyone can request portal tokens from (the 2x3 block) unopened portals, to make their own way to Iron Sky! But only from Munteen VII, Therka and Vulpto!

Portal from my Gleamtower (Therka):

Portal from @Heureka s road (Therka):

Portal from @glychedagain s and @Glychi s house (Therka):

The portal garden have 8 little (1x2) portals opened to 8 different locations on Munteen VII, so you dont need to go by foot if you want to gather/mine/hunt!

The yellow portals are leading to graveyards:

The purple ones to mountains:

The green ones to forests:

And the orange ones to skylands:

If you want to settle here, you can get as much slots as you want (and you can also share slots with others), but you must follow some rules:

  • plot the 3x3 plots and the 3x3 above it (you will need 18 plots for this), and make a build which fits in it, not too big, not too small
  • you will need a machined iron frame, which one I will build for you, but you need to get the resources for it (84 machined iron, or 64 refined iron, or 48 compact iron, or 360 iron bar)
  • dont modify/delete the entrances and the frame
  • let at least 1 block space empty in your ‘slot’ borders at the sides and at the bottom (so dont build farther than the machined iron frame)
  • open all 4 entrances to your build
  • for directional blocks build direction is from bottom/top, except for machined iron, which one is east/west
  • you can plot 3x3 plots under the frame too, and build a basement if you want
  • you can build more connections (bridges, etc) between ‘slots’ if both ‘slots’ are yours or if your neighbor wants it too, but since you will not be able to plot under and above the roads, you will need to ask for it, and I will plot and build the connection for you (of course you will need to get the blocks and props for this too)
  • you must be ready for future atmospheric effects (be ready to spend some skill points on atmospheric protection on the type for Munteen VII)
  • you can build anything, if you match the theme (more explanaiton below) and you can ask for materials you cant craft too (you can check all possible blocks and props at the builders museum in Therka, Forge LakeValley settlement)

The main theme is: our new species found an ancient oortian flying structure and now we live on it. But beside this you must choose a type for your ‘slot’:

  • House
  • Trade
  • Decor
  • Portal (engine)

‘House slots’ have one or more houses built from metamorphic rock bricks (starter planet color) for walls and lustrous timber (starter planet color) as roofs, with normal lanterns and torches for lighting. They have pathways made by gravel (starter planet color) on the middle and verdant grass (starter planet color) on the sides, and gardens with little trees, flowers and grass (any color). Restrictions:

  • must have machines (at least one workbench), and these machines must be inside (in the house, a shed, the basement, etc)
  • can have storage blocks, but just inside
  • cant have shop stands and request baskets
  • must have doors for the house
  • cant have portals
  • any other block or prop, which one were not mentioned above can be used, but just as extra decoration

‘Trade slots’ are markets with sedimentary brick (starter planet color) floors, refined igneous rock (starter planet color) pathways and booths made mostly by timber (any type and color). Restrictions:

  • must be mostly open, so people can see your wares from the roads
  • you must fill all your shop stands always (if you cant do this, because for example you take a break, or leave Boundless, please give your build to someone else from the members of Iron Sky)
  • cant have machines
  • can have storage blocks
  • must have shop stands and can have request baskets
  • cant have portals
  • any other block or prop, which one were not mentioned above can be used, but just as extra decoration

‘Decor slots’ are for those, whose want to build something just to look nice with more freedom (park, playground, statue, museum, theatre, etc). On these ‘slots’ you can build nearly anything, we just need to speak about your concept. Restrictions:

  • from machines you can build only the furnace parts (fire pit, crucible)
  • cant have storage blocks
  • cant have shop stands and requests baskets
  • cant have portals (exception if you make something nice out of it, for example a mirror labyrinth)

‘Portal slots’ are special, because if you want portals to other places (so like to other planets), mostly you will need an ‘engine’ (you can read more about ‘engines’ below). But for dedicated members, it is be possible to build an ‘engineless portal slot’, a full hub, but only if you want to build as much portals as an ‘engine’ cant be enough for it. These special ‘portal slots’ are just ‘decor slots’ with the permission to build portals to other places in them. So you can build nearly anything on them, just need to speak about your concept. Restrictions:

  • from machines you can build only the furnace parts (fire pit, crucible)
  • cant have storage blocks
  • can have request baskets for oort stones and oort shards, but nothing else
  • cant have shop stands
  • you must feed all the portals, keep them open always (if you cant do this, because for example you take a break, or leave Boundless, please give your build to someone else from the members of Iron Sky)

If all the ‘slots’ are taken, we can expand, building more roads and ‘slots’, but we will need the help of the settlers, especially if we will need more ‘engines’! ‘Engines’ must be build the same as the main one, but you can build anything on top of it (3x3 plots)! It means that you will have 4 (2x3 block) portals, and can build any size portal on the top section! For an ‘engine’ you will need:

  • 45 plot
  • 8 emerald torch
  • 80 compact iron
  • 128 refined iron
  • 1780 machined iron
  • 16 warp conduit
  • 24 portal conduit
  • 244 glass
  • 68 spark cord
  • refined gleam (cream color): 100
  • refined gleam slab (cream color): 312
  • refined gleam (red): 12
  • decorative metamorphic rock 1 (starter planet color): 40
  • sedimentary stones (starter planet color): 24
  • sedimentary stones slab (starter planet color): 48
  • igneous brick (nasharilian color): 8
  • igneous brick step (nasharilian color): 16
  • igneous brick slab (nasharilian color): 336

Also, I accept rough oort stones and oort shards, if you want to help me keep my portals open.

There are request baskets set up for this goal at my Gleamtower (Therka, Forge LakeValley settlement), with some shop stands selling random goodies:

And one request basket at my shop (Therka, Therka City settlement), where I sell glass, lantern, compact peat, all kind of bricks and some random goodies:

Special thanks to @NerArth , @Xamora , and @OmniUno for the tons of free iron they gave me, and also for my trade partners!


would you be interested linking up to plaza?
goes direct to big hub and transfer station and omni shop
got one portal left next to ice stadium portal


This is absolutely incredible, I love flying structures, and this really interests and excites me, good work, love the ambition to embolden the community to come together, play and have fun. :slight_smile:

Which this community already strives at doing, and certainly the more people that contribute to that process the merrier.

You have motivated me to build my own flying structure, thanks for the idea buddy, I appreciate it, as I was lost on the creative end of things.


i opened the portal but to much work for me with all the rules gonna close it again
sorry buddy but super nice build man i love it
the token ill give back or destroy it if ya ask me to
wanted shop but i dont refill fast enough lol

If only it really flew…

Amazing work!!


What do u mean about the “to much work with all the rules”? Since you opened a portal to my existing ‘engine’ you dont need to do anything else, no rule is applied to you cause you arent building in Iron Sky, you just have a route to it. But if you mean you cant supply your portal with shards, I understand.

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yeah i have to many portals to maintain now and its not usefull
if its to hard to build on ironsky for me but its not closed yet lol

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I understand, well you can keep the token anyway.

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I have a new build in Iron Sky named the Hall of a Thousand Windows. It has many windows, one of which currently leads directly to my shop floor. It also provides decent views of Iron Sky’s engine and the underlying terrain. Be sure to check it out!


The Elop Portas to Iron Sky portal is now open for business:

Direct market to market, the trader’s highway:


Hall of a Thousand Windows now also has a portal directly to Moebius Plaza

Thanks @the-moebius


Awesome job man.


Hi everyone,

I’ve added a new portal that connects @spoygg’s Moria Minesway to the Hall of a Thousand Windows from Iron Sky. It is directly opposite from my Moebious Plaza portal. Be sure to use if for some convenient mining.


Great work @OmniUno ! I hope more will join this safe place in the future too.

And I edited the main post, added @glychedagain s and @Glychi s portal to the opened portal list and removed the portal access to @Jeffrotheswell s portal hub.

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The portal from Hall of a Thousand Mirrors to Elop Portas is open again :slight_smile:


just wondering how i would get there @Kawwak im on munteen to Omniuno shop

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never mind on that one @Kawwak but i do wanna start a build there :slight_smile:

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This reply is so ironical…

giggles :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


ha! I was with a hunting party on Sunday and after we had our fill we decided to walk back to Munteen Paradise for a few more kills along the way, so we started walking towards the yellow icon, and ended up here!
So within the previous 24 hours, Iron Sky had become the capital of Munteen! so, Congratulations!
I know because I just checked it the day before and the capital was still Munteen Paradise. And how apt, the most dangerous world has the most dangerous capital XD


lol i was with you :stuck_out_tongue: