Still avalable on steam?

this is interesting

Stil avalable for EA purchase ???

or is it because i already own it?

@SamF @Steggs101 @james etc

This should answer your quesion @Barneylee57.

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ohhh ok… i thought they said yesterday that it will be removed by tomorrow it is tomorrow :slight_smile:

and yes i did read the update, but i couldn’t read in the lines :slight_smile:

Thankfully it’s not something game breaking at least, and I don’t think anybody foresaw something like this happening.

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i was just thinkling that if it was a full issue as they say then as much as they could buy it they couldn’t play it? so was just warning them in case (im not dev, dont know how steam works in that regard)

Oh, I’m certain that it’s a concern in their minds. It only hurts them if people buy the game, and then find they can’t play it when it’s not a pre-order. It might also explain why we still have access to live, granted I’m all aboard the wipe hype :stuck_out_tongue:

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