Still No Steam Support, Copied from steam!

You guys on the forums and the devs want the game to succeed, right?

Why not show an active community on steam discussions, as this is literally the first place people come to and stop telling people to go to the forums. Somehow no one can see the importance of using the steam discussions.

You have a post down below asking if this game is alive, I wonder why.

Don’t get me wrong, i understand your forums are more comfortable for yourselves, but just ask how many players are like yourselves, how many player are as dedicated as yourselves, not many. You are potentially losing players due to first impressions here on steam.
How many players have gone over to the forums after being told that the forums are more active than here?

That to me, already puts a bad taste in my mouth, letting me know that this game is not worth it, it doesn’t even have an active steam community so why bother.
From my experience and i am sure many of you, are guilty of judging games like this in past based on the steam discussion forums.

Why not gather your community on the forums and bring them over to steam for the benefit of the game, speak about the same topics here that you speak of there.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand what i’m trying to say, but the lack of effort in my opinion is a very good reflection of the game itself and that needs to change especially the hardcore community.

I completely understand why people left, your egos are too big to take advice from a simple player that after 2 years is still screaming to save this game. Its time you start listening, your precious game wont last forever on a 100 active player base.

really I hope that someone will listen to this, it will take a bit of effort but I honestly believe showing an active community here will increase your players, if not its worth a try.
Lets hope we can do good!

I only came back here on the forums to share this information and I really hope i speak sense into someone here.

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Very simple. This game is cross-play. Many PS4 players play this game too, who either don’t have the game on steam or don’t have steam at all. This forum is a way to unite the 2 playerbases. Are you suggesting we should just discard the PS4 playerbase?

Except that it has quite a bit more than a 100 active players.

I mean, if you want to judge a game by it’s steam community, go right ahead. You do you. But to claim that the game is not worth it because it doesn’t have more people on the steam page, is beyond pathetic.


I don’t think I could have said it much better than this. I’ve never judged a game based on its steam community. Especially if it’s a crossplay game where half the players are on an entirely different platform.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone care so much about the steam forums.


Can honestly say I very rarely use the steam communities for any game that i play, iv always just gone straight to official forums. I always considered steam as trickle down information.


Let’s just put it simple. Console is the master race of gaming currently (that isn’t me saying that consoles are better before all you PC players jump on me) But the best demographic to aim for would be the Console market.

That being said, having a forum like this is the best place for both Console and PC to talk together. There was a recent thread put together about expanding player base/proper advertisement that I think touches on everything as a whole going forward. But yeah. This is the best place to have everything together.


i personally never judge a game by any review as they are personal opinions… I just check the reviews shortly and then look for captured gameplay on different (known but not advertised) platforms if what i see fits me or makes me wanna play myself.
As we play on PC and ps4 i wouldnt like to see a Crossplay games Main-Forum attached to steam.

PS4 needs a direct way to head to forum from ingame like PC has !!

Or did we miss the ability by beeing noobish :stuck_out_tongue: ? clarification needed …

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What are steam discussions?


Did you know that James Watt made improvements to the steam engine which improved efficiency and therefore made them more economically viable?

Is this an example of a steam discussion?


To me game discussions groups on Steam are negative. I see those as channels where people go give negative feedback in dramatized tone, create hassle over every small thing and aren’t interested of changing their opinion.

When I am thinking to buy game from Steam I usually check games discussion on Steam. It gives me fast summary of what could be wrong with game and what people don’t like about game. Unfortunately it means to me that discussion on Steam of any game is not giving proper overview of game.

These are giving me good reason why not participate any discussion on Steam forums: Those are populated by hostility.

I think same way about of many text reviews on Steam: full of memes but real information is available somewhere else than on that platform.


game reviews can be faked as well for hatred because he/she/it got salty
reviews should give you a basic knowledge of personal preference and expectations.
i recommend not to judge the game by reviews but to try it for yourself.
just because one puts a negative review or dislikes or positive review, doesn’t mean you experience the same.
if u judge the game on its reviews, you are kinda agreeing with the review without actually having to played the game

its like ordering a mystery box of not knowing whats inside.

see the real issue here is that negative reviews are being looked are more then the good reviews
75% search for a negative review everyone does

same with forums i always see review talks based on bad reviews
when do we start to look at the positive?and mention the positive stuff


As far as I know, the development team doesn’t want to publicize the game much these days, and Steam is a game showcase.

Because of this business line of total absence of marketing, I imagine that right now they don’t want to give visibility to the game. Although this is seen by many users as somewhat worrying.

Personally I think it is a mistake not to have taken advantage of the Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition, to show a demo or something about the rental planets and creator of worlds, as well as showing new information about the development of the next updates.

Is this exclusive to Steam? Or does this situation also happen here in the forum?

I say this because its description fits any corner of the internet where people with diverse tastes and opinions gather.

You can project almost anywhere, it seems to be easier to express negativity around. Check today news and count positive headlines and then ask yourself would you read those articles completely :smiley:

Personally Steam discussions are useless for finding objective information and good for reading negative feedback with all flavors.


Based on what?


PS4 player here. I can’t fathom why I would go to Steam to find out more about the game or partake in any discussion. For me it would be Reddit. That’s actually how I found this forum. But as long as there are directions on Steam and Reddit as to how to get to this forum, what does it matter? This feels like such a non-issue.


I didn’t even know steam discussions was a thing and my steam library has 200+ games :sweat_smile:


This always happens, everywhere and for all kinds of products, not just on Steam.

Here are some facts about why customer service, good and bad, is so important when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing:

  1. A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience.
  2. Around 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people.
  3. Negative interactions with a business are spread to twice as many people as positive ones.
  4. People are twice as likely to talk about bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about good experiences.
  5. 67% of people spend money after getting recommendations from their friends on online communities like Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell about 4-6 people about their experience.

*Source for word-of-mouth statistics: White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, McKinsey Quarterly, Internet Retailer.


I wish more people used the playboundless subreddit I’d absolutely use that more than the forums if it was more active

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Based on that. :tipping_hand_man:t3:

Also, before you chirp up with “TeChNiCalLy PhOnE gAmInG iS” like I know your argumentative ass will :joy: Let’s be honest, nobody about that touch screen life.

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To me that chart points more towards an indy company focusing on PC if they are making a game on a single platform. The chart is misleading because individual consoles divide that section even if the chart does not show it. If they are going to port it to available systems, its still probably better for an indy dev to develop it on PC for the larger initial single platform market.

For people looking at getting into playing or want ease of access, then console is definitely the way to go. Its not uncommon in any market for creators and users to have different outlooks on why or how things should be done.