Still No Steam Support, Copied from steam!

And some players have done just that. They went and added some new contest info and other things. If you want to post on Steam, please feel free to do so.

This is an indie game with a smallish playerbase that is in the growing phase. This is not MC with 10mil players a month or NMS (yet lol). Once there are more players & possibly a dedicated social media person, the other forums/social media will grow.

For now, their priority is updating the game and getting where they want it to be.


With what kind of posts? Maybe we should ask for a wipe because even if that broke a promise made by the developers that would be good and maybe new players would not care of what they built was erased whenever the developers felt like it. Maybe we should say the servers are shutting down because that will bring in a lot of new players. Maybe we should complain about certain content not being added to the game yet because I am sure that will draw in lots of new players. Maybe we should ask if Boundless is over, because everyone wants to spend money on a game that someone is telling them is shutting down.


Then why are you here?
What value have you added to this topic.
You apparently a mod form what you said on the steam forums, but don’t seem to like the idea of this post, then why are you here if not to put it down?

I am a PS4 player, I posted today several times now in the steam forum. Will you now please do the same on the PS4 communities so that it looks like it’s more active?


I think you should be asking this to yourself tbh

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nicely done. ha ha


Well you no one is trying to bring in new players now are they? So maybe its good to assume like any rational person that a game that has less than 500 if to say players will continue to stay active and online for years to come.
Asking for a wipe is indeed correct, maybe over the top but the game worlds are empty yet most of it plotted by a few handful of people, have you read some of the post on the steam forums talking about how they just bought the game yet it feels like ghost towns and there is nowhere for people to build.

I have recently gone back into the game and saw open fields plotted for no reason other than having the plots. If it continues like that it will drive new players away.

Like I said hate me as much as you want, I stand by what I say.

Its so nice to see how I am being attacked.

What kind of reasoning is this? She’s here trying to answer and help, what has she done that is so terrible?

I’m sorry, I don’t get why you keep insisting steam should be the most used forum even tho half the playerbase would never even think to look for it there and when people say that to you in a normal calm tone they are somehow the problem.

You then go on to use language that can be perceived as unfriendly all the while blaming others of toxicity.

Perhaps it’s a language issue, perhaps English is not your native language (it’s not mine either) but the tone with which you write things comes across as unfriendly. You might not mean it like that but it sadly does.

I admire the idea that you want to attract more players, but having people to move over to steam forums for it is not an idea that people seem to agree with.
We can do the cross post thing, trying to lure more people to the official forums I suppose but am not sure if you like that.

Anyway, some of us posted some stuff on steam already, now let the new players roll in! :slight_smile:


So I take it no one else would like to help the steam forums be more active.

@Leahlemoncakes and @james this one may need a cooloff.

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Just like I said before in the steam posts, the community will attack you until they block your thread. I have proven everything i have ever said about the forums.

I came here with good intentions. Now i need a cool off, strange.

I am here because I like this game & I like to help where I can, when I am able to.
Forum moderator. I do not dislike you or this post. I have not put anything down. I disagree with some things that have been said and there’s nothing wrong with that. In kind, you are free to disagree with me and I take zero offense to that.

We all want the game to remain healthy and grow. The inflammatory topics posted on Steam for shock value/attention aren’t helpful to anyone. That is all some people are pointing out.


Then what was so wrong of me asking for the steam forums to be more active in the hopes that it will gain more attention.

Actually, its fairly common here for the devs to close the thread for an hour so people calm a bit and return to the topic.

I wonder why

Perhaps I was talking about @illuminawtyness
After all, you said he was just here to troll.


yeah its nice to see how this community accepts this level of abuse!

I think we all need to have a cool down and a step back from this topic.

Flaming is not allowed and is against the Code of Conduct. Please use this time to re-familiarise/ read the Code of Conduct.

Absolutely nothing :blush: and some people have done just as you asked. People did hear you and they listened.

But, you have to understand where the community is coming from too. This forum is accessible by all players on all platforms. It includes everyone. People have been here on these forums for years & this is the place to be. If you kick everyone in the shins(calling ppl lazy & saying they don’t care about the game) and make demands, it usually doesn’t end well lol.

We have a suggestion category & you’re more than welcome to post your suggestions/ideas there too. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: