Stop the gleambow fighting please

We make a drama of everything!

For me this is simple, for the rainbow meteorites event there are only 4 planets and the event is a race, this is a fact, right?

If I see a rainbow meteorite on one of those 4 planets, I run for it and collect it. I do not care if it is generated by me, by another person or by an increase. It is a race, the first takes his trophy for being the first.

If they want to insult by chat simply for participating in the event, let them insult. Is this important? There will always be people who do not know how to lose or do not know how to win in a race or competition.

If I see a rainbow meteorite on a planet that does not belong to the event, I assume it is because of an increase.

While participating in the race event, I don’t even see the chat, I just focus on getting to the meteorite fast, hunting what I have time and collecting the blocks.


So maybe some big meteors get shared with people who didn’t spawn them, whats the problem, you would normally only be spawning a small one anyway, share the love…

Im currently sat in the spawn area as i wont be playing till later but it helps others (whether they spawned or not) to get more stuff…

Surely if you find someone raiding ‘your’ meteor you can just explain to them and even give them a few augments to save you the greif, show them the platform and I’m sure people will thank you for it…

If this was the initial reaction, I think everything would of went ok, but ppl were kind of harased (not me, just what I heard/read on the forum). This sparked this “revolution”

it is a good thing that the timers are so generous, I mean 30s is plenty of time to check the ownership of nearby structures, things that happened in the past before I came to chase, maybe pop up a browser and research the group members on the forums to make myself familiar with how things have been for the last 4 days :smiley:
…from a perspective of a potential random solo fellow familiar only with the GB rules presented by the game upon start


:rofl: Love that sarcasm


No one owns a gleambow - independently of how it was spawned.


So say you made some augments to spawn your own gleambows, went and collected the mutated sacs and the essences and finally can use them which from what I can tell are around 7k-10k each at the moment. Everyone is saying they would be fine with a bunch of people coming in and stealing your hard work?

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The issue is just that: the spawning aspect. It’s no longer a race as it was before

what james is trying to say, even when its spawned by anyone you are still free to grab their gleambow meteor off their hands :wink: right? as its not bound to the person that spawned it


Yea but that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking how would you feel, after all the work put in to be able to finally spawn them for yourself. I also remember many people complaining in the past about the racing aspect. This cuts it out by use of augments. You spawn it and boom your gleambow.

No. Everyone is saying with a little common sense, you should spawn your GB meteor on a non-event planet. That way, everyone knows for certain is was spawned by someone. And it won’t have players that are actively running around trying to get naturally spawning GB.

Also, there’s no need to verbally abuse players that aren’t aware of the extra rules - that some have decided to create within an event with different rules. The event rules are: gleambows are for everyone.

If you choose to spawn your meteor on an event planet, during the event, then the meteor is for everyone.


By choosing to spawn gleambows on a gleambow planet, you’re choosing to take the risk of other people taking your spawns. :woman_shrugging:


Haven’t seen any harassment out there and I’ve been out there alot just collecting oort. I have seen people say politely that they had spawned a meteor. Though no one yelling or being meaning to people.

Especially with this behaviour :roll_eyes:


I was harassed.


Also there are 50 regions as has been said and also 4 planets as that has been said also. Why is this single region and single planet being targeted for using the event and having fun. There is plenty of room. Why should they have to move? That’s like telling people to move there settlement because someone doesn’t like it.


People have been complaining in universal chat, some new people that got harassed said they were gong to quit over it, and one well-known group told a well-known player that they weren’t going to be allowed to have a single block, etc. It IS happening.


Then that person or persons will be dealt with I’m sure. Though you can’t single the entire group or because of one individual.

No. The game says the gleambows are for everyone. The problem comes from some players saying there are different rules & verbally attacking players that aren’t with their group.


People are most likely tired of defending them selves because they are being attacked over and over.

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