Storage Wars


Hi all. :sunglasses:

I decided to give something a go.

After expanding my Red Roof Shop on Finata (Ultima HQ), I created a basement with 3 storage units, where I will hide certain goods and put them up for sale in an auction style event. Instead of bidding for a single known item from a list, people will bid for the right to enter a storage unit and claim unknown items waiting inside.


On an announced day a bidding battle will start for all interested individuals, starting with 100c for the first storage unit, and moving on to the other two units (with the same starting bid of 100c) after the previous one is sold.

After first participant offers to pay initial 100c, subsequent bids need to add:

  • 100c up until 1,000c is offered,
  • 200c up until 3,000c,
  • 500c up until 8,000c,
  • 1,000c up until 18,000c,

Offers higher than 18,000 won’t be accepted. I hope the event to be fun and exciting but not ruining experience.

There is a limit of total coin spent per person as well to prevent one person taking all three storages (and so a reach player can’t ruin fun for participants with less coin). The limit is currently set to 30,000.

Participants will be informed about the value of the cheapest and the dearest shop stand available to win during the event, but they will not know which units they are placed in and what is the total value of shop stands in each of the storage units.
The value given to participants will be based on sale prices of the Omni Shop (as shown on their website on the event day). In case Omni Shop doesn’t list used items, other shops prices will be used.

Winner of each single storage bidding battle will get items placed inside (after paying the final bid in coins to the organizer of course). Items will be found in 3 shop stands placed inside the storage.
NOTE: objects other than items in shop stands, are just a decoration and are not part of the prize.

Let me know what you think of it and how likely you find yourself to take part.
If there is enough interest, I will be ready to move with it this week and repeat the event on a regular basis (maybe every 2 weeks or so).

I hope some shops could sponsor the event and offer some items for the event (as an addition to what I produce for it myself). If that happens, I will place a big sign inside the storage basement listing all sponsors.

I will definitely create a series of videos showing the event episodes, should it prove to be successful.

STORAGE WARS, episode 2

LOCATION of STORAGE WARS: Red Roof Shop (Ultima HQ on Finata)

Seen here near the clock tower, just off the portal hub.

When inside, go to the back, behind the staircase.

These are the storage units in the basement.

And a peep inside one of the units, with shop stands and some decoration.


Ha this is genius. Don’t call it bidding wars though, call it Storage Wars!! Haha

This is a fantastic idea!


Name can be adjusted yeah - glad someone likes it.

Also thinking about having small gifts for everyone bidding, so everyone could leave with something.

I want it to be a reason to meet and socialize rather than make coins.


Yep, this is a gem! Be sure to bump this or PM me when your starting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah instantly made me think of storage wars. It’s a cool idea. Will every “unit” at least be over let’s say 150c sense starting bid is 100c? Could be 150 sulfur really.


I can help sponsor the first one. I can forge some 350-370 bows or tools for you to toss in one or two of them.


I want it to differ event to event, so 200c for the cheapest storage one time, but a few thousand the other time. Same for the highest value storage - maybe one time it’s gonna be 5000c but the other 30k.
That way it’s going to be harder to say what to expect.

Other than that - we only talk about coin value, while even relatively cheap storage can at least have items that are of value for the one who wins it (maybe some blocks from exo world of a color not found on regular planets?)

In general, it will be up to bidders to decide if they take the items to shops (selling) or chrysominter and try to earn coins, or maybe use them (tools, building blocks, etc.).


got them locks


Right. My kinda question was. If opening bid is 100c will it value 100c in terms of market at the least? Or if open is 5000c will it be at least 5000c in the lowest value area? Because personally I’d feel f’d over if have 3 storage area and starting bid is 5000c and I get 500 stone.


yeah, defo more than the lowest bid, so at least couple of hundred coins worth in the worst storage should be expected


Oh ok. Was just wondering. But I can help with sponsorship if you need it or want it.


that would be most welcome, although sponsors won’t be able to take part - so if you would like the fun of bidding it would have to be in an event when you don’t provide prizes :sunglasses:


I expected that. Figured could sponsor 1st or 2nd and participate in the other one


stay in touch :sunglasses:


Discord and forum name is the same.


Ok, let’s give it a go and start registering!
I will close registration based on how fast the list fills up. There are 9 spots to take and the minimum number of participants is 3.

Simply post number “1” with your name after it, if you are the first person. Every next person should simply copy and paste existing list of names and add their own name at the end of it (with relevant digit before the name).


1 Mittekemuis


great idea :smiley: list me up :slight_smile:

1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash


The Golden Fist will be sponsoring something epic and mysterious