Storage Wars



What blessing from the Oortian Gods is this!?


Glad to hear it:heart_eyes:
Talk to me in private. :sunglasses:

Any sponsorship ideas better pmed so we don’t reveal what might be in one of the storages.

(can you edit your post to remove the proposed item?)


I did too, since I spoiled it. I actually like the sound of it better this way, though it makes more sound more sarcastic rather then surprised.


made me laugh now, you too :laughing:


Plaques with sponsors…

and participants so far.

All interested please copy paste the following and add yourself to the list (minimum 3 and maximum 9 bidders):

1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash


I’d like to sponsor something too :grin:

Edit: Discord is RedY3 #6562. :smile:


Update on sponsors:

We have more sponsors now than participans.
So, don’t be shy and sign up for a bidding war to get some nice items provided by the sponsors.

Again, copy and paste the list below and add your name to it:

1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash

As soon as we have at least 3 participants, we can start arranging the date. We will accommodate peoples needs, their usual playing time etc. and try to find date and time to be able to meet together. Hopefully by Friday and if not then after next weekend.
But let’s get some more people first.:sunglasses:


This is fun :blush:


My playtime can be sporadic. Can I join as a possible?


Just add yourself to the list. It’s normal that some people don’t make it but it’s good to be on the list.


1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash
3 Mag


Updated participants plaque wall:

Official Timeline for the event:

  1. Friday - Monday (May, 3 - 6)
    Continued registration for the event.

  2. Monday (May, 6)
    Setting date and time of the event. I will pm all listed participant asking for their preferred date and time of day.

  3. Any day after Monday (May, 7 and onward)
    Late Registration*** until event takes place on a previously agreed date and time.

*** Late Registration will continue after Monday (May, 6). Players registered during that time won’t have a say on event time and will have to accept date and time of event already decided by others.


1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash
3 Mag
4 blinvir


@JaceyLive offered a sizable donation in coins and his name is added to the sponsor plaque wall :sunglasses:

You may all expect the value of storages grow, as sponsors keep coming in with their gifts.

All the participants that don’t win any of the storage bidding battles, will get gifts for their efforts. So, don’t be shy. Sign up for the event, come in, take part, have fun, and walk out with some goods!!


1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash
3 Mag
4 blinvir
5 edWe


Updated participants plaque wall:

Special thanks to @the-moebius for providing items to decorate storage units and helping to make them look like places for things abandoned and forgotten.


Hello, I’ll enter to bid on these units.


Is this the list?

1 Mittekemuis
2 Hashmalash
3 Mag
4 blinvir
5 edWe
6 MrNiX


And you are in Mister… NiX :sunglasses:



Tuesday (May, 7) @ 9.45 PM, UTC time(

Late registering is still possible, until last minute. It’s enough you can make it at the set time and are able to come to Red Roof Shop on Finata.