Storage Wars


Half an hour to go.


Great time at the Storage Wars, thanks @boundmore and all the participants!!
Time to sleep for me


And the first Storage Wars have been concluded!!

Three players made it to Red Roof, out of original six that signed up. We had last minute participant though, Dupix. And that made it 4 players bidding. So, the final group was made of him as well as @Venom, @MrNiX and @EdWe.

I will make a video showing the event, so for now please keep the winners’ names a secret. :wink:

Thank you all for coming and making it happen. I had great time and I hope you at least enjoyed yourselves if not the items you got. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks AGAIN!


Here it is so! The Storage Wars video.

Congrats to all the winners again and enjoy your own show here:


Meant to comment after the event but I forgot lol. I enjoyed it though. Felt like the storage wars you see on the tv shows. Dupix doesn’t have a forum account but he said he also enjoyed it. Thanks to @boundmore and the sponsors for putting this together!


Is there going to be a second episode!? :owl:


Yup, a post was made for it here