Street Lamps [Help]

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Let’s get right down to it.

For this specific thread, I want people to share with me their best street lamp designs. I’m pretty new to the game so I might not know about some things, but I want some good looking “low fantasy” street lamps for my town.

Here is an example of what I have currently in my town.

If you have any ideas to make this better, please let me know or show me!

I do wanna keep the current theme though, so keep that in mind! Thanks!


There were some really nice streetlights in Aquatopian Embassy a while back. Might still be there. @the-moebius

I’ll have to dig through my screenshots, but mine are similar to what youve got, except i used gleam poles/beams and no lanterns.

make an arch and hang lamp in middle off arch could be a thing

@morey523 has some nice ones in the dome

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ive done some couple examples. dont mind the rough materials. just wanted to show the idea.


Like so…I’ll try to catch one during night time to show the luminosity

Edit: To add this night shot of my 1 Street…

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This is the street light design I came up with for our dome.


Just saw the tag lol

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Use gleam lanterns if possible (more light)
Or just gem torches.

Also this could be helpful

Wasn’t there a post talking about street signs recently?