Stuck in sanctum after exo left


I am currently stuck in sanctum because the portal won’t open. I stayed and watched the exo leave and turned to go and teleport to my home becon and the portal loads 25% of the way then gets stuck. I have tried to reset my PS4, restart the game, checked my internet which was fine and change characters. Nothing has worked for me and I can’t even get one with a different character.


You can always return to your home beacon for free. Just access portal on the right and from beacons tab select your home.



That’s what I said I was doing when I posted. It wont load so I’m stuck in sanctum with no way out


If you have any alts logging into those, letting the portal load, play on a world for an hour or so and then swapping seems to work.

I tried lots of things to sort mine but only this worked. Others have said running down the tunnel in sanctum, waiting a few secs and going bk has worked


Like I said I cant get on any alts either. they all have the same problem


use this


How long have you waited to see if it would open?

That the warp is loading at all means its not some more fundamental issue, you are connecting to the world fine, but for whatever reason its taking a really long time to get the chunk data. My suspicion is that it is because your cache has data for the chunks trying to load, but that it is taking a really long time to purge all the chunk data in your cache from the now-expired exo-world, and your client is just sat waiting for the chunks to come out of the cache (queued behind the purge), which means if you sat there long enough it would eventually open up.

restarts wouldn’t help in this case as it has to purge that exo-world data one way or another…


It took my game about 5 and a half minutes to load Beckon, after switching from the character that was “stuck”, but more so than that to load warps on Beckon. After I switched back to the character that had been “stuck” everything went fairly smoothly.

I was streaming, so you can check time stamps if you’d like. I’m on ps4 if that helps any.


assuming the purge is the issue, it’d only be a problem on ps4 as the cache is fast enough on PC to not worry about this (ps4 having an encrypted file system (and also non-ssd, though many PC users wont have ssd too) makes the cache much slower).


Will it do that purge even if I’m not “on world” when the exo leaves the system. What I mean is the next time an exo leaves, that I have visited but am not currently on.


The purge will happen as soon as the client is informed about an expired exo-world.

If you are on the world, or last on the world when you go to sanctum, you will get informed straight away.
If you are off-world, then you may not get informed until some later point in time, maybe not even for a long time.


So, if, like this instance, I log out while on an exo and dont log back until it’s gone, the “purge” happens when I log back in. However, if I visit and exo, return home and then log out, the purge may not happen immediately upon logging in, after the exo has left? Could that cause issues with chunk loading during gameplay? Such as running across a planet and then the planet disappears? Oh, I could still do stuff, just couldn’t see the ground or anything except mobs.


Would it be possible to move the chunk data ahead of the data being purged in the queue, allowing a player to get back to playing while the unneeded data is purged? Or would it be possible to have chunk data surrounding your home beacon accessible quicker?


about 25 minutes