Stuck looking at the world after trying to switch characters

After I switched characters, this happened.

The blocks are all gone, and I can’t move.

I’m stuck in this position, no buttons work except F1, cannot change where I’m looking at.
I’ll just quit the game and restart, so it’s not an issue, but it’s kind of annoying.

Oh! I’ve had this one happen, too, but not recently. Happened a couple times on Alder before I moved.

How many times has it happened since then? If you get it again, then please share a game log just after it occurs. If it’s not possible to open any of the menus, then you can get the game log in another way, as shown below:

A few weeks ago i had it happen several times. Dying and when I wanted to go back to sanctum i got stuck. One time when i was revived selected to resurrect and got stuck to. Hasn’t happened after but I figured it had to do with connection.

This has happened to me several times while trying to switch characters

but that’s beautiful…

I’ll make sure to do that if it happens again.

Groan. It just happened while trying to respawn after death.
I don’t wanna info gather. But I’ll info gather.
Of note, it looks like I can still watch day and night go by. I wonder if anyone can see me dead or if I’m not even present.

Edit: Email sent with lots of info. Hope it helps.

Happend to me too since last patch, when returning to sanctum from menu a few times. PS4 pro cannot submit game log since the game freezes and ps has no data to access at this point.

I think it happens on ps when you have a lag spike @ the same time as you go to sanctum. Happened to me (even before farming) wile hunting mostly.
Dying and not being revived, but pressing X to go to sanctum and go back to the hunt.

At least i think it’s because of a lag spike. Haven’t had that problem since i wait to be revived.
And only switch on my home world, or region of planets.

When this happens does pressing ‘bump warp exit’ resolve it?

When it happens you are stuck on the floor and don’t even end up in sanctum. More like seeing (your body laying) in a void world (on the ground).

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This happens. And the ui will not accept any inputs since the game is stone cold frozen ^^
Might be lag related was on busy world I saw it the most and once
on my home planet but its US iam at EU so that is bound to have a lag at some point.

Like Tmmk stated, you don’t get back to Sanctum at all. The UI is completely hung, except for the debug menu stuff. Landscape disappears, but in an odd way. I recall when it happened when changing characters at my home, my view ended up pointed at some storage blocks. I couldn’t see the blocks themselves, but I could see the items on them. For ones a little further away, I saw silhouettes of items. There are further silhouettes which are items on shop stands, but no shop stands visible.

When I died and was attempting to “return here,” all I could see was sky.

Oooh. I just remembered I sent a screenshot of that to a friend because I was just kind of going “wut.” For whatever reason, it didn’t occur to be to report it. I guess I figured it was a one-off kind of thing.

Oh, dear. This just happened again when I died on Shedu Tier. I can’t tell if I’m looking at reflection, looking through ground that’s not showing, or just what, but I’m seeing rain fall past my view and land on a surface. Got a nice view of Exoplanet Rena zipping around, too!

Should I submit another log? If so, do I need to include all of my PC info again?