Suggestion: an advanced lock that only locks the object it is directly attached to

Could call it “specialized lock” or “precise lock”

It would only lock the object it is placed on. So you could put 64 chests in a single plot each permissioned to a different person. Or 64 permissioned shop stands or baskets.

  • I’d use this
  • I wouldn’t use this but I don’t object
  • I object and think this is a bad idea

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If you object please share why, if you are comfortable doing so :blush: (I know a lot of people are scared of the forums)

If it’s not a lot of work for the devs, yes. But it’s pretty easy to just build a little larger, it only locks in a + shape anyway so 4 adjacent blocks I think. Open storage is an exception where it works on a larger area.

Maybe something like hitting with chisel to change what will be locked.

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I need this

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I’m afraid the current one locks more than that. it locks in a 5x5 area and 3levels back (if you include the level that is flushed with the lock). I worked all this out when I was setting up storage units to sell.

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Yes, but open storage is the exception according to this at least.

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Wow I must have missed that. I am actually working on remodeling those lockers with new chests (still making the chests). Good to know they behave differently now, might have to adjust my plans

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