Suggestion: dismantling bench

You put stuff in and it dismantles it into base components (maybe not all recipes should be reversible)
It would give materials based on mass craft recipes so it wouldn’t be abusable.

Maybe not all recipes. But you should be able to turn a hammer into metal or a metal cube into metal bars for sure.

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Yeap. I would like it. Altough i think it could be like you get 50% mats back or so… maybe RnJesus?

We had this thread about this idea and I had hoped it would happen –


I think 50% would be harsh. But maybe between 70-85% RNG would be neat.

Make it without coils like a crafting table so new players can use it too IMO.

Could have an advanced version that’s faster but otherwise the same

The first issue with this that springs to mind is: what do you do with recipes that require “any base metal/rock/alloy/etc”?

I guess you’d get iron? Good point.
Maybe you get the rock back if it’s colored by the rock, otherwise rock is lost. Can’t dismantle beacon fuel etc.

What would you get if you put in a single hammer, how many bonding agents would you get back? Which color sticks?

No sticks. Part of the bonding agent. Rounded down it could be 0 bonding if you only put in 1 hammer (or a used one) but you’d at least get gems

Very much like this idea…to be able to deconstruct all…and re-use it…in the name of boundlessness :slight_smile: