Suggestion for new forum category: Community Events > Hunts

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The Boundless community is great and is organising al kind of events. Hunts remain the most common and popular one and take place almost every day or even multiple times per day. Madness! There are other events as well, like slide racing battles, parcour, drop events, bombing games.

The ‘problem’

Almost half of the topics in ‘General’ are about hunts. At moment of writing 7 out of the most recent 15 active topic’s are about hunting.

Also, not everyone is using (or wants to use) Discord or joined a Discord server that is linked to the community provided Discord hunting bot. Beside that the bot is limited to hunting only.


Maybe we could categorize those into a specific forum category/section.

  • Create a new forum category ‘Community Events’;
  • Create a new sub category ‘Hunts’ for meteorite hunting. Could even be more specific like ‘Platform hunts’, ‘Running hunts’ etc;
  • Create a new sub category ‘Games’, for bombing battles, slide races etc.

Potential benefits

  • Less clutter in the ‘General’ section;
  • Easier to find hunts and other events;
  • Ability to subscribe to forum category notifications for hunts/events (beside Discord) using native forum functionality in stead of relying on third parties.

Potential downsides

  • Less structured communication in comparison to the format used on Discord. Might be solvable by providing a template and suggest/require to use that format in this category.

Related ealier suggestions

What is your opinion?

I’m aware that my suggestion is focussed on a solution using the forum. However there are other options that might inprove the overall events/hunting experience, so I’m curious what options might be feasable as well for you as a player.

Where would you like to see/publish community events / hunts?

Multiple answers allowed, results visible after voting, not anonymous.

  • Publish events/hunts in ‘General’ on the forum
  • Publish events/hunts in ‘Community Events’ on the forum
  • Publish events/hunts on third party Discord bot
  • Publish in-game via chat
  • Publish in-game via new menu category, similar to ‘news’
  • Publish somewhere else (please reply below)
  • Do not publish events/hunts

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That is also a good option that already exists!

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There should be an extra hunts category and community events. There are enough community events on going that do not have to do with hunts like building contests, dodgebomb etc. Hunts is an all time thing that never dies so therefore there should be an extra category.

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I’m all for more things to organize but I did want to say the bot isn’t really only for “hunting.” It can be used for any event and I can scrub the part of the post that is hunting and just keep it general if that is what people want.