Suggestion: named portals and “closest portals” list in shop scanner

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Basically the idea is to have people name their portals on both ends (optionally)
Then portals could be added to the knowledge tab / shop scanner. Even if people didn’t name their portals, it could show planetary destinations

And I bet mayumichi (BUTT maker) could do something nifty with the data (list of all portals near a shop)

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You don’t even have to come up with a new interaction to name the portals. Use the portal token name!

Good idea but still bad because most folks just gen a token and dont label it so there would be a lot of listings like 2x3, 4x3, 5x5 etc. At least to start and that would be more frustrating then not.

From and To would be a better listing method.

Could always have a opt in/out system similar to the buying/selling visibility. Upon choosing an opt-in it could require a name on the token to create it.

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Easier to interact with the portals themselves probably, but I could definitely start naming tokens now

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needs 3rd option: add portal scanner (like shop scanner) API where external apps can query source and destination of portals that have a specific option enabled in-game on them (same as shopstands). Then external apps can walk each planet’s API and provide path-finding services and game overlays for PC. I feel like this could be pretty quick to implement server side but maybe I’m wrong…

@james @lucadeltodecso

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Yes I agree

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pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasse. I love doing algorithm stuffffffffffffffffffff.

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Ok ok me and Luca will start coding it now sir

you better…


Who cares if do or don’t. Just let people play the way they want…how hard is it to go to BUTT then go to the planet. Go to knowledge then tag shop…its really not hard. I never look at any mall grid numbers .maybe mall name in title I could understand. Saying that I shop alot away from malls so name and numbers mean nothing.

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If you could route through portals with a tool, a lot of the time you would save yourself from having to run to the shop when you are half the world away and can’t find good portals over.


I mean if we had one portal network to rule them all this wouldn’t be a problem

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If and when it is implemented, you don’t have to use it. But it would be an option for those who would like to use it. Like you said…


This is true…but I like the adventure of trying to find…I am in no hurry to get everything done so quickly I get bored and wanna quit the game…lol…

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We are all bored and wanna quit the game my dude

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Sometimes I want to smell the roses, and sometimes I want to get the best price on iron. Just depends on what I’m doing and how much time I have that day.


Not i. Not i…yes bored at times. So I go on adventure looking for shops. Hahaha

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Not yet for me either but game needs some new content not just sovereigns. New blocks, new mobs, new chisels

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Chisel mobs that come out when you break certain blocks!

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