Suggestion: scaffold blocks and scaffold bombs

Suggested previously in part.

Scaffold blocks would be made out of sticks and you wouldn’t have to crouch to keep from falling off - you’d have to jump or grapple to get off of them. Make them uber cheap to craft. Should be hand craftable. Possibly even a free recipe like totems.

Scaffold bombs only do damage to scaffold blocks, damage them even in beacons, and destroy them in one hit. That way when you are done with your build you can scaffold bomb it to get rid of all the scaffolding. Also it would be cool/realistic to see construction scaffolds in game. Same as with above, should be cheap to make, possibly even free handcrafted like totems.



Yes x100000000000

I 100% agree with this idea. It would encourage people to build bigger. I think many have died from building at great height

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Or just go to the master beacon control and click “remove scaffolds”. I know a lot of people dont want to add yet another centraforge variant to complicate their forging process.


If there will never be a builder mode with floating/flying, this is the way to go.


I fully agree with this …
In the Live version of the game it would be either a fly-buildingmode within our Beacons or a way to construct cheap scaffolding that look nice to …
Which is easy to remove when your done with building :+1:

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