Suggestion: streamer rewards

Exclusive outfit items for people with 50+ hours streamed and 500+ hours streamed.

Supporting streamers is a good way to get new folks on BL IMO.

I’m not a streamer, but I honestly might be induced by a cool hat haha


In all honesty bro, not many people watch boundless. I’ve had a maximum of maybe 16 people watching at one time yet I have over 8,000 followers on twitch. I’ve been trying to stream it as much as I can but seriously not getting anywhere :confused: I enjoy the game but I feel streaming it isn’t what’s going to get it noticed :man_shrugging:


I think price point is the biggest barrier. $20 is a magic number for me and many others for non AAA games.


If they can somehow get it on the ps plus games for the month they will see a huge increase in PS players for sure, I think it’s only been discounted once on the ps store but they is so many other games discounted all the time. But I do feel like a ps plus drop for January or something would just sky rocket the game so much


I’ve been saying forever that if they made it $20 I’d drop $100+ buying it for friends


None of my friends really play it tbh, I play solo 99% of the time :-1:t3:


It’ll boom after polished…things take time.


Honestly, I rather not see such things. I think the forum title and maybe adding a in game title is more then enough for such things.


This is not a normal price history.

I was big in to the streaming when the game first started. I mainly only streamed me forging gear, and a hunt here and there. It only ever attracted a handful of viewers, granted I’m no big named streamer but I’d assume streaming some actual content is what will attract people. Watching someone mine, build, or craft blocks is really dang boring… But that’s my 2¢

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Dunno. I don’t really watch. But others do. I don’t watch any streaming really lol other than supporting friends

They should of tried to get it or had it on the Black Friday deal or the end of the year deals going on now. Or atleast try and have it on the after holidays deal when everyone has gift cards or psn cash cards

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I mean, if it’s on sale it goes on the deals page. All they have to do is put it on sale.

No idea why it keeps going on sale on steam but not on PS4. If I were them I would put both on sale any time one is on sale.


They should drop the price I agree they wil definitely get the funds back in club members!

Edit to add: I’m neutral on streamer rewards. If they do that for them, cool. If not, meh. :point_right:t3:I think it would be better to do something that brings more people in like give streamers temp 30-day keys to the game, to give out.

I think with games of this genre, it’s hard to tell if you’re going to like it or not. There isn’t a fight arena that you are dumped into with 5 other players & you pretty much know what to do. There isn’t a simple level with a boss at the end.

Boundless = discovery, experimenting, crafting, forging, trying, exploring, etc…it takes time to try it & see if you like it. You can watch streams/videos of what other people are doing in it, but you really have to experience it for yourself and spend a bit of time with it.

If there was a couple of demo/tutorial planets that people could try for free = zero risk, they may spend more time with the game & may decide to purchase access to the full, live universe.

I think the price is fine - but not without a demo/f2p intro version of some sort.

:one: One big thing that I really think needs to be done is the data across all social media & sites needs to be cleaned up & match. There are many prominent areas where there is out-dated info/pics of things that aren’t in the game. Some of it looks like a totally different game. Regardless of what was or what might be in the future, people expect to see/play what is advertised.

For example, these things should be archived somewhere & not included as part of the current game imo:

We don’t have these characters/races, they shouldn’t be shown on the site as they are:

We don’t have these creatures (even if they are coming in the future, they don’t exist now and shouldn’t be shown on the website)
creatures !
sub-online-ownaworld-optim sub-build-portal1


Late for me, so will only go into this little bit; :slight_smile:

Tried to say exactly this to James in the past, I also really dislike seeing this mismatch. Maybe I didn’t put it across properly, or it just really is very low down on the priority list?

And likewise, I still also think all the screenshots on Steam/Boundless’ website could do with being updated to some more recent ones too… There’s a lot of outdated stuff still floating around. As a very quick and simple example, on the main website it still says that Guilds are “coming soon”, but Guilds have been around for quite some time now.


Agree with major. 30 day passes (or even 14 day) would help. And stuff that isn’t in the game shouldn’t be advertised.

Aren’t those toons wearing clothes too? Lol


I appreciate people streaming Boundless… I’ve done it. But, I don’t agree with special items for anything like this… it feels like bribery to get something kind of to me.

I dunno man I wouldn’t dismiss streaming as a viable way to spread the word, I mean… I’ve had way more engagement on my streams when I play boundless and practically none when I play minecraft.

this is a cool idea too!

I wouldn’t be against rewards for streaming a minimum amount of hours or something but I can understand that other people might not like that.

Maybe linking it to twitch prime somehow?