Suggestion to allow basic cooking

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So, players must claim land someplace to be able to prepare even basic food if they run low on long trips… this can cause issues if you are lost in a mall as a new player or just dont wish to warp all the way back home to cook a meal.

i have 3 possible solutions for this though i am also aware of some issues with each…

first solution: allow friendly beacon owners to define that their furnaces can be used for cooking simple food.
major problem with this? anyone could take the items left in the furnace if they were left available for anyone to use. even if they couldn’t break the furnace itself disputes could arise as players steal from each other… a potential community destroying issue.

second solution: create a new item called a Stove that performs the same functions as the furnace but only for food… then remove food from the furnace craft table. Yay more stuff! but the stove is basically a furnace with new art… would that appeal to anyone? still have the issue of requiring claimed land for its use but beacon owners could assign this to public allowing visitors to feed themselves if their visit lasts a bit longer than planned.

3rd solution: allow campfires to be upgraded into a Primitive Cooking Fire or simply a Cooking Fire… this would change the campfire art to show that it is grilling meat over top of it using a grill… upgrading a campfire should be easy as simply making a campfire then combining it with any metal (obviously copper would be most ideal) would allow this new Cooking Fire to be setup… one key detail about the Cooking Fire is that it should work like torches in that it does not require owned land to establish and does not claim land like the campfire does. additionally the Cooking Fire can only cook food. this final solution would make campfires have a purpose instead of being redundant after the first 5 minutes in the game… it would solve the issue of players needing to find a friend if they are starving… would improve some quality of life issues as guilds and groups performing hunts together could plop one down in preparation for a rough fight without claiming lands.

Problems with the current system:
Inventory space… In order to cook for long hunts players need to prep ahead of time. Some prep is always advised when doing anything adventurous but the major issue with this right now is how much inventory space is required just to cook your own food or even cook large numbers of it for allies in group hunts. you need 1 slot reserved for your beacon plotter/remover smartstack, one slot for your furnace base and one for your crucible, one slot for prepared campfires or optionally 2 slots for logs and leaves found at your campsite, 1 slot for meat, and 1 slot for fuel… all of this totals to 6 item slots with maximum prep or 7 with minimum prep. the cooking campfire i suggested by far would drop this down to requiring only 1 slot. why not simply change the campfire to be able to cook food? well the campfire requires a land claim and it does serve a purpose because of this function. creating a new object such as an upgrade to the campfire like the Cooking Fire would still make existing campfires necessary but allow Oorts to provide for themselves when they are around large cities for long periods. this would also help foot traffic for those cities considerably.

land claim requirement… you would need 2 additional plots in reserve at all times as a minimum just so your campfire can be placed. i don’t think campfires should have their land claim requirements removed i believe they were put there on purpose for a very important reason but seeing as we can’t prepare food without using a furnace the issues start to mount up considerably.


Anyone can gather/eat starberries and yams on the go with no plots or machines. I am a max level player and have no problem eating a basic yam once in awhile if I have run out of food or am not prepared lol

Yes, if you go exploring, hunting, etc, most people will bring items with them such has weapons, cooked food that provides XP/buffs/etc, atlases, warp blocks…

One stack of cooked food takes up much less inventory space that carrying around a stove, fuel, campfire, raw food to cook.

If you are in a market or mall, it should be fairly easy to find cooked yams or steak for 1-10c.


am i the only person in the world that doesn’t want to needlessly destroy the environment as i rummage for noms? also the last thing i want to do is pay 1300c for a pie when some basic cooked meat will do the trick. ive rarely seen any shop selling the basic stuff… this stems from the toxic WoW experience where the mentality of only the top end stuff is worth selling. very few shops carry the stuff. not saying you cant find some but those are ONLY ever newbie venders just starting out… in Boundless everything has a value but like i said most people only sell the top end items which i highly doubt people buy… a veteran player gave me 500 pies my first day. not saying that’s bad… he was a really sweet guy but later when i found out the price i realized no one wants to pay the price for them but every single shop sells them.

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You can get yams from the soil or starberries from the trees (without destroying the tree). The land regenerates itself in a few hours.

You can cook food at your base and bring it with you.

Or you can use the new shop location feature: knowledge tab > type in cooked > click on the food you want > click the shop with the price you like > go buy the item(s). Easy peasy. A cooked yam or steak will most likely fill up your energy bar - most of the time, unless you want a specific buff, you don’t need a pie.

Lots of shops sell basic items - those items sell quickly. Cooked food for less than 1/2 a coin:

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yeah i only just discovered this window yesterday… up until then i didnt know it existed at all. also i found out you need to either already know where the portal to those locations are… or run across a world for them… sadly the starting world i live on, very few items are for sale and the players have the prices way higher then ive seen at the major hubs. Im on Minorengle. i just thought it would improve quality of life. adding a cooking fire that didnt require land claims while also boosting foot traffic which would help salty vets that always hate new ideas no matter which game ive ever played seemed like a win/win to me. the added benefit of not needing to sacrifice 7 slots of your inventory space to cook out in the field also seemed like it would be a major plus.
look how far i have to run for a yam… your distances on your image also are pretty extreme.

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I don’t think I’ve consumed 500 pies in my nearly whole year of playing… Score!

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i didnt eat them… they are probably the most valuable asset i own in my starter “hole in the ground”.

Most people playing Boundless are very helpful & kind - as you mentioned from the player that gave you 500 pies when you started playing.

A cooking fire would probably be considered redundant.

Bowls of risotto gives 3500 energy and can be purchased for 10-40c in most areas. A pie is over 5000 energy and kinda overkill for most players (unless you want the buffs from teaching & persisting ones).

A lot of vets are the ones that propose new ideas … most welcome new content/QoL additions, etc. If there’s an issue, we speak up about it though.

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that is the prime reason in spite of my excitement about WoW Classic i cancelled my WoW sub and came to Boundless full time. the community here is the best even though i rarely see people or have reason to chat with anyone. a primary adjustment id like to see if an overhaul of the chat system ingame so it feels less empty and encourages involvement. a cooking fire in most classic MMORPGs has historiclly been a way to gather people together.
In Mabinogi by Nexon… players would craft cooking fires, place them for spirit buffs and people with talents such as playing the lute would jam out some Bleach OVA music while cheffs would pass around Strawberry milk…

In the old days of WoW, The spirit buff from Campfires alone was enough for players to gather around them… guilds would deploy them in raids to help their casters recover mana…

i can see a Cooking Campfire here in Boundless being used in similar ways especially because the community here is so wonderful.


:+1: I agree. A lot of us have been asking for changes to the chat system. Unless there is a hunt, event, meeting, etc - the chat isn’t very active.

The devs listen to suggestions and add new things to the game fairly often. Who knows what kind of machines we’ll get next?

Boundless does do many things in it’s own way. A lot of the MMOs I play also have stoves - some don’t have anything and require you to buy from NPCs or NPC shops.

Edit to add: if you look at your GPS nav bar, you’ll see a yellow/orange dot. That’s your capital. It usually has a hub with portals and more activity than the wild. Some planets are more populated than others. If you prefer to be around other players, check out some of the larger/busier towns and planets and possibly consider moving to a better location.

What kind of pies are they? Basic earthyam or meat pies aren’t that valuable. There is no pie in game that has a 1300c value right now.

Maybe not but this is a core premise of the game. As someone mentioned, the items respawn and this is, even more than IRL, the purpose they exist to serve.

Several people have suggested that campfires be usable to cook basic food as well. They do place a claim on the land but it goes away in about two hours if you don’t break it.


ive considered moving… but how do i change my home beacon>? having to pay to return to my home is my major hangup about moving to a new world/region

Once you place a new beacon, you can change the beacon settings on the new one to make it your home/master beacon. Then you can leave or remove the old one.

Being near a major portal hub will really save you on warp/coin costs.

ok … lets say i have an alt that i share a home with. ive given permissions to my alt… but can i set the beacon as my alt’s home too? im not seeing that option

I believe your alts would have their own home beacons, if you create bases for them. If not, you can have your alt click on your main character’s beacon and save it to their list, then warp to it. It will only belong to the character that placed it unless it runs out of fuel and expires.

maybe i clear a plot and let my alt claim it with their own beacon… this might be a way around the issue… my alt’s home is on the east coast but my main is west coast the only reason i didnt get rid of the plot is for days when one server is down but the other isnt.

Each planet is a single server. If it gets overloaded or goes down you won’t be able to access the planet at all.

Also honestly you can sort of “fudge” things by placing a beacon, then setting it to your home, then deleting it.

The location will continue to be your home for purposes of the warp/teleport system and if you like you can then have your other character plot over it and make it a part of their build.


You can plop down a beacon with your alt where your main is going to build, set the alt’s home beacon, then remove the beacon. Maybe it will change one day, but you can warp to a home beacon that isn’t there anymore.


Come to the brgr, meat pies for like 50, keep your hunger for dropping no matter hiw hard you adventure. . Or have a meaty broth for 6 and enjoy full hunger almost for free. Pies arent the answer to every question :yum:

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There are some plots near the PS Maryx hub that would be a great home base location, only like 10 plots away from the portal network. There may be other locations like this one, as opposed to larger cities where you may be 20-50 plots away. Or you can build near someone who doesn’t mind you using their portal to the hub. It’s all about location.