[SUGGESTION] What about a Wiki Editing Contest?

The Gamepedia Wiki for Boundless acts as the go-to for new players looking for advice or help with the game.

Despite this, the current wiki is a mess. Horribly outdated and incorrect information, missing pages and terrible site functionality and navigation make it quite bad and unhelpful, forcing players to rely on guides from multiple different websites, many of which are not easy to find.

Therefore, what if the devs hosted some kind of editing competition for Boundless? Either on the current wiki, or a new official one created by them.

The devs could track the history of edits made by users, and reward those who contribute the most useful amount of information to the wiki with a mask or item for their characters to use.



I’ll second this motion.

I bet there there are plenty of us who’d be happy to contribute something if we didn’t feel like it was all on us, and goodness knows it’d help new players.

…Actually, I suspect it’d help the game in general. When most questions have easy answers, people tend to stick around longer.

I’d gladly contribute, actually did a tiny bit.

I don’t need any reward for this, only a confirmation that it really is the official wiki supported by the Wonderstruck and a few other people helping. But if rewards or recognition is what people need to get motivated by all means, let’s make that wiki great.

I believe many people use boundlesscrafting.com now instead of that wiki or use their guild’s discords to gather and archive information. Not saying I’m against this idea, just sharing :smiley:

It was formally announced as being the official wiki.

That said, keep contributing. I could use the company.

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