Suggestions for crafting professions

I don’t ment to let anyone build all from the beginning on, but to let them not have to progress in each skill to be able to build all. A way bound to the main progress of the character would be a good system (for example: How much tiers he had reached (also possibline to bind that on benches bount to titan components)). the problem with Skilling by using on the matter to reach more recipies would be that people begin to build wildly dumb items just to level (like sadly seen on most MMOs). The skill should be a bonus source, not the source to be able to craft stuff.

if we could make the exact same items why would you ever buy from me? your idea is focused on solo play, you are completely nullifying any sort of profit from crafting, try to look at ESO, its a good example on how to do crafting wrong. its not about being able to make the best things mate, its about earning the ability to make the best thing, a crafter wont be as good as fighting as a warrior and the other way around, and that is completely okay. your idea is to make everybody equal at everything.

i understand your opinion and why you have it. i just also strongly disagree with you. because your system is made for a olo game, not an mmo.

Working on player progression, you say?


The bonus of times made by skilled hands has to be really a matter. For example an untrained Char makes a weapon with 100dps, the skilled one with 120 and the master 130 or more. So it would be open, but still a matter of skill.

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ah that old useless argument

‘‘but it would be virtually useless items’’ well then why bother wasting time on making that system.

as i said, your system just arent made for MMORPG’S with any form of economy mate. do you honestly think you should be able to do everything like everybody else? oort the clone wars.

What happened to your old concept of having to level a skill to simply have a better chance at making high-end equipment.

i.e. A character with 10 Smithing has a 10% chance to make a top tier item but a 100% chance to make an item of their tier?

Too much RNG for peoples taste. they just want to do everything with 0 efford.

also having a progression is fine but 1 - 100 seems waaay too low. just give it more exp and its the same as unskilled to grandmaster as i menetioned above.

That would also be a system to deal with. The main problem I have with skilling by using is, that people begin to build hundreds of items just to level. On this way the markets are filled up and the prices are dumping.

so you honestly think that the market value of items would RISE if everybody could make the same items? xD

you can use a few arguments, but that is not one of them xD

For items with great bonuses through skilled crafters it would be not flooded

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its called ‘‘use to master’’ mate.

ah damn it cant take this seriously anymore. im laughing my ass off cause of your last comment XD

So I have to sit all day long on nice chairs to be able to build better furniture?

let me ask you something. think real hard

imagine that we had gold ingame now, you have worked 1 hour to gather 100 gold. i want to sell a pickaxe that i made for 100 gold. in this build. as crafting is now. would you buy it?

sorry that was rude. but please do answer and come with a reason.

Being a adventurer and fighter is also a profession imo so other skills should also be in levels of skills.
The more time you spend mastering something if it is fighting or crafting should give you an advantage in a certain skill.
If I spend hundreds of hours perfecting crafting swords my swords will be used by high level fighters and they will have to spend a big some of money on them :slight_smile:


It changes with the way to make that money, but if I can make it out of simple wood. Nope. But if you give me one with a 20% speed buff I may consider. But to be able to build one by mining is ■■■■ :wink:

so no because you can make it yourself. then why do you think allowing all equipment to work like that would be a good idea?

Your system have 3 possible outcomes on equipment.

  1. the difference on a noob and a master who made the same thing would be so minimal that it wouldnt matter, hence ruining any reason to level it
  2. having there be a difference but having the noob sword be viable against those tier enemies, if there need to be a difference then the masters swords needs to be extremely overpowered to outweigh it
  3. only the master can make a decent sword for that tier and the noobs sword would be virtually useless, rending making the entire system a waste of time

so we have

  1. removing all economy and progression in crafting from the game
  2. seriously messing up the balance
  3. making a system that does absolutely nothing and is plain out wasted developing hours.

I’m a little late to the party but I’ll try to sum up my thoughts on this^^

Yes, this system would be something I’d play. And as always we agree that it should be almost impossible (time wise) to level multiple or every profession to the max.

And I strongly disagree with Birne too. Apart from you trying to really argue with arguments for once (sorry if that sounds harsh^^) and he can not come up with any counter-argument, I really see no way we could implement the Minecrafty “I can build everything” (which was only possible because it had no skills/professions) into an MMO like Oort which we all want to have professions.
I mean I see where that feeling comes from and I also liked Minecraft because you could just do what you want. But you can not apply this logic to an MMO which has an economy and all sorts of player to player interaction.

I hope I could describe my thoughts well enough^^ Zouls really said everything I could have^^


now im sad, you were rude to me >.<

I always argue, i can just only argue from a point of subjecctive point of view cause there are no right answers to how the things can be made, but in this case there is clearly a wrong answer on how to make it.

but yeah to sum it up as i did to another. a game can do 2 things

  1. have a small number of professions and then force lock people so there is actually some choice included
  2. have many different crafting skills and make them hard to master, that way being more flexible with not locking people down

i have put for both systems now, this where there are many, and another where there are few

say having blacksmithing making all weapons and heavy armor you need to lock down how many you can have. but having light weaponry, heavy weaponry and heavy armor as different skills you can be open about it cause you cannot just level with no efford.

Well but about 60-70% of the time it seems like you do not read what someone writes and you take leaps (or a train of thought which looks like a leap) and that in turn makes everyone angry. But recently you seem to change or maybe you just had a bad month until now^^ Sorry that I was rude I hope you understand now better what I meant.

Yes those are the only two solutions which I can imagine atm.
And you guessed it, I’d prefere the non locking one^^