Suji's Extreme Fingerpainting

Do you like fingerpaintig?
Do you like large amounts of sprays in your favorite color?

Well then i have good news for you!

I am proud to present to you, the latest shop in the Suji’s Emporium franchise:
Suji’s Extreme Fingerpainting!

SEF (created by the amazingly talented @Apt) can be found right next to the TNT Megahub and will be stocking a select range of paints. We will be focussing on quantity of those select paints, rather than offering every single color. Our current range consists of:

  • Black & White
  • All 4 greys
  • Red, deep red and shadow red
  • Shadow cerulean
  • Ashen Taupe
    And the infamous, brightest and most elusive color:
  • Luminous Yellow

We currently have 100k kernels in our warehouse, so if you’re looking for any custom colors, let us know and we will give you a quote!

Ps. We will not be selling our sprays for 25. The amount of work is not worth the minimal profit you get for 25c each spray. By buying from us, we can guarantee superior quantities AND superior goo buy-prices!
Support your local economy, invest in Extreme Fingerpainting!


Love it, I like the idea of specialising in specific colours, that is much more doable and will mean more quantities than other shops :slight_smile:

Its looks a bit rubbish tho, very poor building work @Apt do better next time :-1:






Yes! Thats my plan :slight_smile: I will also take suggestions on other popular colors. I will likely create some in the coming weeks, to see what sells.

I’m also doing custom orders, for any color. Price will depend on availability of goo.

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Lum yellow #1


Nearly a full shop stand of white sprays on offer currently!

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Red and all greys have replenished some stock. Still lots of ashen taupe on offer! Probably one of the best colors to build realstic sandstone buildings with!

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