Sulfur Plays Tourist Again


So making this thread as a place to share a set of videos I will be making over the next few days to record our boundless Pre 1.0 world before its wiped…

I started with my own town of Sparta in this video:


A Look at Gemporium.


so you did get there with software :sunglasses:
nice vids too :smiley:


awesome stuff loving it :smile:


Thanks for the shoutout Sulf, love the videos so far :sunny:


Aquatopia ^^^^


oh man, you play crusader kings? awesome!!


love it great vid :smile:
apreciate it alotz


“And the other Red he owns everything else, you just don’t know it”. Well that’s one for the history books :smiley: You hyped me so bad when you walked into Red Squared. That calls for a next episode :stuck_out_tongue: Great video, Sulfur - keep it up!


Thanks for all the effort - so glad you stopped by my shop :smiley: Waiting your vid of Red squared, the capital that Law and i worked on. Also if youre feeling like it, you can also stop by my palace which has a portal in Moebius plaza’s main portals area under the name “Red’s settlement”.


Hymlenn’s Port #2 Solum


thank you for making the videos to capture the worlds before the wipe

and thank you for the compliments on my build



Therka Markets turn!


Detroit of Boundless world. :joy:


Capitals of Septerfon and Alturnik as well as all things Red…


Great project, Sulfurblade. S+!


Hash Village #2 Therka


i grew up there it was ruff :sunglasses: so lucky @Heureka was the best mayor possible and a beacon off hope yay heureka great motivator :smile:


meant to reply on this post :smile:


no idea you were the owner of Sparter @Sulfurblade epic stuff man!0