Sulfur Plays Tourist Again


Feel free to stop by the Krasnians “The Great Tree” on Berlyn Coordinates: -661N , 89E , Alt 67

top wasnt 100% complete and Im leaving for vacation… be sure to see all the tunnels, the ice statues…the frozen Rixillian monster, the Vulpto biome on Berlyn containing a very dangerous plant, and of course make your way to the top of The Great Tree. Was mostly a solo project. Hope its interesting. The Tree idea was a lot more work than I had anticipated and I have not seen anything quite like it since I started 3 or so months ago.


Woah thanks for this video, buddy. I’m so happy this was all recorded. I’ll play it for my future grand children in 40 years if they start to show off.


As usual, awesome documenting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Regarding the “Stairs to tower”, those stairs do indeed take u to the tower. After the stone stairs, thin spark cord lines take u all the way to the tower. I used thin cords instead of stones to not ruin the look of the house :smiley:. Thanks for all the effort man and i am glad you enjoyed it. These videos will be valuable after the worlds are archived!


Elyria / Hearthstone / V&W - Building competition


Elop Portas and La Mancha Citadel


Jiivita on a Leash


The Hive + Commentary about Hunting Skills + Some suggestions on getting off to a good start in New Boundless…


A bunch of various berlyn builds!


@Sulfurblade Thanks so much for the video and the nice comments! :smile:

It didn’t even occur to me that my “get very lost” comment could mean “go away.” I meant “get so turned around that you can’t escape the Hive.” #blameJeff

@Kal-El built that living area with the fancy gleam sculptures. I couldn’t have ‘finished’ the Hive without him, and everyone else in this awesome :boundless: community.


Heyyy you featured my workshop. It has never been featured before. Thank you for that! These are a true joy to watch. I wanted to catalogue like this a while back but. . . you know. . . life and such. And I had to laugh, “a bit gleam-boxy!” Well you are right. Sorry, it’s been unfinished for a while. Again. Thank you!!! Encyclopedia Sulferblade.


Ineffible Isle and Vulpto Gateway


Great work Sulfurblade thanks for all the memories and nice comments.


Awesome vids awesome idea. Thnx for all the shout outs and work you put into it.


56:18 My little 2x2x2 market that got saved by @Heureka and then again by @andysav when I broke my internet. Thanks guys! Nice to see it made the video.


Sulfur As a Tourist in 1.0


I start a new character and walk thru the tutorial for new players.


Sulfur try’s diamond mining…


Sulfur Recommends Hunter build and solo’s some meteors…


Sulfur Explores Aquatopia…


That was a great tour video. I love there and haven’t seen some of the things you showed. Really enjoyed it.