Sulfur Plays Tourist Again


I love your video! On the one hand, I’m glad you didn’t come a day earlier, and see my lame incomplete build that I had before, but I’m n the other I’m really hoping to make some good progress on my new build this week and have something worth looking at by launch.

Thanks for coming to our settlement!


Sulfur i was wondering if you were planning on documenting a visit to the higher tier planets capitals as well?


Perhaps I don’t really have a plan I just sorta wing it and I go over there lol…


Well if you ever fancy a trip to Delta Cancret we’re currently starting a new project so should have the foundations down in a couple of days. Also if you want to see something unique i believe the capital of Alnitans is worth a visit


Nice video, showed off a lot of nice builds that we have. I love living there :grinning: You should check out the fortress i’m building to the north there, WIP but that’s where all of us will fall back on if we get invaded :sweat_smile:


Thx for the showcase. Very wip the city is


Here is a look at Black Light


Have to agree with you, Black Light seems to be very well organised


Thanks! I base there and whenever I plan to expand or build something new I try to make sure the roads and everything are in place to keep a coherent look


this time we look at Portal Seekers HQ


Quick Tutorial on Using and Fueling a Furnace…


Sulfur Gets Lost in the woods of Kada I


Sulfur visits the Etherian Woods…


Sulfur Critiques Echelon…
FYI, I love this town its amazing and the critiquing definitely comes out of a place of love and excitement for the things you guys are doing there!!! Keep up the amazing work…


Sulfur explains Bomb mining again…


Sulfur Visits the Shadow Dragons…


Sulfur explores Chisel Town


Sulfur Explore’s the Biitula Consortium…


Oh there was a much larger area of my store through the other portal, It was Larger then all that combined. lol You would have to see my older content to see it now. Thanks man.


Enjoying this series, good work and keep it up