Sunday Gizmo T4 Hunt Aug 13th

Hunt Time 2023-08-13T22:00:00Z

Roughly two hours depending on meteors and group wishes.

Hunt will continue after prize giveaway for those that want to get more loot! (if we are up to it lol)

Meet up Location: Gizmo Hunt Lodge Planet: Gizmo(T4 Planet) Protection Required: 1 Volatile Best Weapons: Any above Titanium Best Lucent Bow: any

Hunt Type: Platforms Hunt Leader:Wondernut
Meeting At: Gizmo Hunt Lodge Accessible By: Dragonslair World Hub, TNT Megahub Sov. Section or DragonsLair hub (Maryx) accessible @ Sky Mall, EZPZ Hub, Roxies to Dragonslair.

Stick around after the hunt for a chance at prizes!


Discord: Wondernut gaming

Be courteous and have fun. Lets get some LOOT!

Everyone is welcome but please be on time. Track the hunt leader so you know where everyone is going.

Bring campfires and chests to empty your inventory mid-hunt so you can get more loot. Campfires automatically reclaim with your chest after 2 hours.

Bring reviver brews / healing bombs to help keep you alive. If you die usually someone will revive you when it is safe to do so.

No other portals besides the ones the hunt leader or their helpers open. If you need to leave please exit by using the ‘return to sanctum’ option.

Planet locked prior to hunt to help meteors spawn. Unlocked just prior to hunt.


Great Hunt thanks all that came! Avg was 150 Oort an hour on this one!


cant wait to do more :slight_smile:

I think Sunday will be regular hunt as long as I don’t have any IRL happenings. Maybe squeeze in a couple extras in the week if i see an opening here or there.


Lets roll out everyone

Great Fun today 150+ Oort an hour

We will be rolling @ 5PM CST today!

Camikease won 100 Oort and Felita won a blink bow Congrats both!

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We are rolling out again today get your gear and get some Oort an loot!

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Great Hunt! Bedroc won the Rift Bow and Lostagain lost the Blink Bow thanks Marcell for the donations!

Filita won Blink Bow
Mall Security won the ruby Bow
Izzabell won the Rift Bow
Thanks for coming and Donations for prizes

Lostagain won Marcells Ruby Bow
Bedroc won Marcells Rift Grapple
Izzabell won 100 Oort
Thanks Marcell for the donations and all for coming!
Great Hunt!

Sunday is here again come join the fun 5PM CST , 6EST

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I can’t join the world :frowning: “No permissions”

planet will be unlocked 1 hour prior to hunt on Sunday after being locked for 2 hours so i will unlock in 45 minutes. Otherwise the planet is accessible the rest of the time

I thought it started at 4EST which would have been 30 minutes ago

Nope 6 EST 5 CST 3 PST

Nope 6 EST 5 CST 3 PST 4 MST

Please edit this time to the correct time

6:00pm EST 5:00pm CST is the first line of the post