Sunday Gizmo T4 Hunt Aug 13th

Your original post definitely said 4pm est. I also showed up early and was locked. Thanks for fixing it

Read the top first post of the thread that has not changed but the date. Thanks!

First Prize was bigbootynikki Ruby Bow
Second Prize was Skulldagger umbris Grapple
3rd prize Honeybear 100 Oort
Thanks all for coming great hunt average 300 Oort count
Sorry to those that couldn’t join full planet!
Thanks again to Marcell for donating prizes!

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It’s Sunday Time to get some loot and grab a couple prizes! Take off in about 2 hours 5PM CST 6PM EST

Redhorn won the wayfair totem
Maltaros won the ruby Bow
Great hunt all 150+/hour Oort!

1 Hour until Hunt,! all welcome, all bows. 1 point volatile. Lets get some Oort and loot!

NPCGUY won the Ruby Bow
Bigbooty won the Wayfare totem
Good hunt all!

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10/23 and we are rolling in about 45 minutes come get some Oort or loot if you need some! Prizes after!

10 minutes!

Lostagain won the Ruby bow from Marcell
Bedroc won the Emerald from CaptCaveman
avg 150 Oort an hour again!

Great Hunt again today.
150+ Oort an hour
Gretal won the ruby bow by Marcell
Truss won the emerald bow from Capt Caveman

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Sorry I couldnt make it!

No worries always more hunts

2 hours FYI notification lets get some loot!

4 1/2 hours we Roll out on our Sunday Fun day hunt!

Skulldagger won the wayfarer totem and Mathews won the ruby slingbow great hunt all Multiple meteors on several platforms

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Congrats! Sorry I missed it yet again my color storage is killing me…

4 hours until we take on the Meteors!

! hour until mayhem!

Bedroc won the Ruby Bow
Maltaros won the Wayfarer totem
Average Oorrt count 325
Thanks all for coming