Sunken City of Love is dying now... I give up


After waiting for a long long time for becons to go wild, to make the City prettier we have now one new Player with the intention, time and plots (because of buying i guess) to plot every plot that will go wild.
We mentioned it before in many threads, the ability to buy plots for real money breaks the game.

We spent so much energy for the City but it isnt fun anymore, sorry.


Maybe you should try giving access to certain players to beacon that they could fuel those? I mean ye well if player has not been online / fueled for 4weeks(lowestfuel) that tells something.


I mean beacons of inactive players im keeping up mine thats not the problem.


The Problem isn’t that our Plots go wild, but the Plots of other Citizens and we can’t do anything but wait for them to go wild… But i don’t want to be on 24/7 for 6 days just so no one can sneak that Plot away… Everyone would have to give US Access but that would reder footfall useless… This is clearly bad design…


Well if players are not playing the game i would be happy if someone who is actually active would take their place. Its not games fault. 4weeks is actually long time. Back in EA highest fuel was around 4-6 weeks if i remember correctly


Exactly… now we have like 3-4 Players plotting in town with the pure intention to Block and getting me to Barter them off them… I didn’t start the game to do that… i wanted to have fun and not manage The Whole day so everyone is lucky… While i am pissed every time i logg in…

Edit: Oh and Btw… CoC and Support Feature works like a charm /sarcasm


I guess that result was foreseen by many. It was mentioned countless times, that Settlement Warden have almost no possibilities to counter this kind of PVP, because it is the only PVP aspect the game has. Getting Prestige and blocking nice settlements.
And the only possibility of a Warden is to talk and talk and talk to the people and hope for their polite sense.
But a player who just want to block and in this reason to destroy other players fun, don‘t want to be polite, mostly they just want to be bad asses.

I am sorry for you, that your project went so bad.
I hope you get the mood back to manage it and continue your project.


It depends on how the people in our City beahve in the next 16 weeks.

for this time the plots are fueled

Edit: But for now it feels like moving…


That is exactly what we told many many times before launch, and now we have to deal with it, thank you @james… literally hundreds of Hours of work torn blocked from getting further in one night…

I will keep trying, but i am so sick and tired… I can’t let all our art die… and i hope the Devs will take a heart and maybe help us long time players instead of letting anarchy reign…

But in the Meantime i stop being nice now… and if no one respects coc i won’t either…


Why didn’t you claim all your plots to start with ? Move your area and claim all the plots to prevent this.


You’re always welcome to Chisel Town and Chisel Knights. We have more plots and materials than we can use :slight_smile: Also Chisel Town has all area around secured so well, that no griefer raided us for ages. Plus some cool megastructures, roads, lots of themed buildings…

PS Always loved your and your friends building style :smiley:


Because we don’t ■■■■ money…

And i’m already 1600 hours in, how much more does this Game want of me to be accebtable Mayors Assistant? xD


They always come with this kind of argument “Why you did not plot all?” and “The one who claimes free space did nothing wrong, because it was free space and everyone can plot it.”

Thats so lame arguments.
Because these people who argue like this always forget, that the one who do this kind of “griefing” just do it, to destroy other gamers fun.

But to be honest, even we can’t do anything against it, and even it is in the frame of rules and in this kind allowed, it doesn’t make it better.
It is a bad behaviour just to put your own ass into someones settlement, and act unsocial like hell, just because you can.
There is a huge difference to do it in a obvisious project compared to a free town.
And even then, just to ignore all kind of town sense/rules/theme and not to be able to find at least a compromise with other townmember, makes the culprit an asshole.


Possible solution could be near…


I hope they include it fast, this way it’s just madness… Everything has to be supervised or anarchy rises quick…


Take ownership, bad planning, don’t blame game mechanics, there’s hundreds of thousands of unclaimed land on all the world’s, relocate, claim all the land use all ten alts , the solution is already here, no changes need to be made.


Still wont solve the core issue, people want unlimited expanse space with no unwanted neighbors.


That’s not what this is about tho. Don’t be too quick to judge.

You build a settlement, people ask to settle there with you, you agree, many weeks pass and a few of those people aren’t active any more and their plots are going to be up for grabs when their beacons run out. People with less nice intentions are then swooping in and grabbing those plots with the sole purpose to block them or extort them.

Does this sound at all like what you describe? And is it something that is caused by ‘bad planning’, could’ve been solved by ‘taking ownership’, blablabla? Nope…

And if you’ve made some huge builds it is rather hard to simply relocate…


So what is your solution then?


It factually IS due to poor planning. If you are the city owner, you just have to own and maintain all the roads. People build next to your road. Simple as that.

If their plot goes wild and someone moves in, what are they going to do… build something? Add to the city? Go ahead! Thank you for building and adding to my city Mr. Troll… There’s more road space over to the west if you would like to build more

@Raziels01 I don’t **** money either, but I am sitting on a fighter that hasn’t spent many cubits. just by leveling him, I could buy 160 plots right now… free… no *****ing needed.

If you are a city owner, all of your cubits should be going to plots to further your city. Basically, more roads. or to reserve more space.