Sunken City of Love is dying now... I give up


I think part of the problem is when people snap up the plots when they expire but then don’t build anything so you end up with lots of pockets of derelict land so to speak. This can then have a domino effect as people see areas around them laying dormant so they then decide to relocate to somewhere with more activity and the whole thing snowballs.


Ya, that is unfortunate, and it does happen.

Sadly those people are wrong about moving away, and don’t get it. This is going to happen in every city, everywhere, all the time. Everyone needs to get used to the idea that your neighbor is going to quit playing at some point.
Don’t be discouraged, its a game! People will buy and play other games, get bored, move on… IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO EVERYONE, lol.

But not my neighbor with the sweet castle! Yup, him too… turned to grass… then someone builds a big middle finger.

We will all regenerate back into the wild… the circle of Boundless


The solution is simple and was posted above.

Protection zones around beacons, that way any gaps in the beacons that open up should be covered by a protection zone, which can then be claimed only by the beacon owner.

This will create another issue that people might see, but at least it solves the one talked about here.

The issue I speak of is it doesn’t stop really dense settlements replace owners, as anyone nearby can grab their protected land if it comes available. However it does mean it has to be someone local who will have a protected zone over that spot, not another player moving in and just ninja claiming it all.

It should hopefully over time consolidate all land in an area however into single owners if that is what people want, its the perfect solution.


The main thing in the arguments above is that people have different wants out of an area.

Some people wanted that specific area for a collection of friends. Whereas others are happy when anyone moves in and contributes. Others have a very specific theme in mind (I am one of these people) and I don’t really care who moves in, as long as the theme is followed. - Which is a pipe dream if its a random stranger.

The difference between a busy city and a small hamlet :D, and the growing pains any area like that has I think.


vote yes on prop : plot protection. Too many threads with this complaint. James has a great idea vote yes. It in no way can hurt. give yourself the power to say no or yes. right now you have neither.

seems like hundreds of threads of the plot issue. It’s not really about money. I’m tired of people blaming all the problems on players ability to buy plots. Like that is the only reason people have unused plots. I have many many plots available, and not one cent spent for them.


Unfortunately I don’t think there is any easy solution as the game mechanics allow those with a large disposable income (in regards to real money) to buy as many plots as they want and then coupled with gleam club they can plot and forget. Some could be doing it with the intention of building something in the future, some to just speculate and try to sell the land and some to perhaps even to undermine a rival city.
Personally I would just stick it out and keep building, improving what you can as people will always come and go regardless. It also depends on your play style, if you’re in for the long haul and plan to be playing for a long time then definitely stick at it, if you prefer to jump from game to game then it’s all irrelevant. (Disclaimer: these are just my personal opinions and in no way represent any facts or other people :face_with_monocle:)
Edit: I also have nothing against people buying plots or the gleam club, that’s not the problem, it’s more to do with what people do with them.


Dont feed the beast. You say their doing it to extort or upset you. So just roll with it and they’ll get bored. Theyre doing it for a reaction, if you dont react they have no reason to do it. If theyre reading this for example… the price just doubled cause they know how much its worth to you.


Right, there is no real solution, because we have ingame same problems with people we would have in RL. In RL it is going more worse, if defending own rights leads into cruelity. Ingame it „just“ leads to frustration.


Hypothetical situations isn’t a base ground of reality to pin all problems to it. Prove the problem of this thread is because someone has disposable income and out plotted you, as opposed to simply leveling and using his/her cubits for plots only.

Also proven infinitely, plots do not = Warden. If you don’t have the grind and the time to build as much as the new guy, your not the Warden.

Again hypothesis gets you no where, and proves nothing of the issues. Vote on James choice yes or no. If you feel all is lost, and your worried some rich kid with daddy’s credit card will out do, when in every city I have been in I have not seen that once, then quit the game or vote No.

Personally I like having choices of not letting people take over my township, or get too close. I’m voting yes to keep them off my grass. why debate any more that you don’t like people moving in, and at least vote yes, instead of asking Jeff to reinvent human nature.


Who is Jeff?


all game die ,citys die ,economy is one big job from ppls who play and farm toons items before TS nerf game in big shops sell yours thing per 10 and same thing u can buy per 250.wheni start before 2 moths around me 6 ppls builds now plots is out ppls is out .on planets i see 4-20ppls max resource spots is in plots walls,billions chaotic portal in big cities .its bad :frowning:


How many plots around should be reserved?


I quit the game 2 days ago i think.
Well there are couple reasons, but the major one is there is a troll came to our town everyday.
I got new surprise every day by that troll.
He plots a lot of area tried to block us, he black mail me, and he follow all the citizens and try to annoying us.
Recently he decide to take down the warden by build a building in the town.

Guess what ? That troll got no punishment only a warning.
Dev told me that is the best thing they can do is to give him a warning…
I am appreciate dev spend their time to help, but still this make me feel this game is running by a company has 0 experience for the “release MMO”.

This is the first game i get black mail by a player, and he can still play in the game lol

Now i really feel this game is made for trolls, all the rules looks like to protect trolls instead of nice players.
I quit the game and i know i won’t back anymore.

I really understand how @Raziels01’s feeling “tired”
I spent like 300 $cad for what ? Just use to protect the town.
Sounds very stupid, now i prefer to use that money to buy a nice weapon in other mmo :rofl:

Good luck guys :slight_smile:


Is there a way to see how long a beacon has before it goes wild? Maybe this could be implemented, allowing us to be fully prepared to reclaim plots as soon as the beacon dies?


That could be a bit of a double edged sword as you could then end up with a bunch of people all turning up at the last minute and trying to get the plots too … on the plus side you could get a little bump in footfall with the extra activity :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly this, thank you man xD

@Crete You know i have 210 Plots, all put into the Plaza… How many should i get in you Oppinion to have a good chance?

@wade44423 Yeah i feel you, all i wanted to do was throw my settlement and chill… then people came in and we build a city, they wandered off and now Harry and me are the only Founders left… We are caring now for something that never was our intention, to make others happy and don’t let our art pieces die… I swore to myself to never use micro transactions, but now i am considering buying plots for hundreds of € just to be able to play the game in a relaxed manner again… This can’t be right… This SHOULDN’T be right to be pressurized to spend money to keep what you have… Feels like paying protection money…

Also Gleam Club and its advantages makes me feel like being a second class player… if that is the devs intention i will stop playing this hell hole, the game was made into by not thinking and overexxegerating decissions…

Edit: @Karokendo If it weren’t for Hototos art i would throw this BS away and pack my stuff…


For information, we started the city at the very beginning of live boundless, we couldnt just plot a roadnetwork because we had no plots (and we don’t support pay2play).

We made it for the players and devs and everything thats coming back are people plotting everything and taking over the city.

Im just sick and tired of those people and i dont have energy anymore, it feels like mafia in Sunken City of Love


It’s a shame to hear this about Sunken City. The portal hub created by @HarryHotpants is outstanding! I’d hate to see that go. The overt griefing reported here should be against CoC surely.

Get him to come on here and name and shame someone. Then he’ll feel the wrath of public outrage! :joy: Constant trolling and griefing is okay but name and shame someone and you’ll be reprimanded in seconds.


Save the chop shop! I always visit there to get some trunks ^^


@Etcher @Buugi … I won’t let it die, we put to much heart into that (Shoutout to @Wease1 's Art… She built the Kraken and the Hub and all that stuff :slight_smile: ). See this more as a last cry for help before using THEIR Weapons xD