Sunken City of Love is dying now... I give up


Is there anything we, the community, could do to help?
I, for one, can offer plots, mats, and time to help build (new direction, new location, new planet?).

Even as I write this I realise it really doesn’t help if the dev’s don’t get a move on and implement a solution to this apparently wide-spread problem otherwise problem will just occur again and again.

But offer is there, with all sincerity (I really dislike that someone has brought you to this conclusion… )
I know if this happened to me, I would be much of the same mind-set as you.


I definitely don’t want the Sunken City to go, I live on the outskirts on a small island and regularly go shopping there as well as use the portal hub. It would be a shame to see it all disappear.


@catfud Except maybe some Oort for the Hub Portals we are good matwise :slight_smile: … We just need people to lookout for dying plots and plotting them before Trolls can and saving them till someone needs em… Hototo, HarryHotpants and I will try to pave to the outskirts to enlarge the Plaza, make everything as pretty as Possible and try to fill Beacons and Portals as good as we possiby can.

Our only real Problem is that we can’t be online 24/7 to manage all Plots that COULD go wild xD

The City will Payback as good as possible for everything done to it ;)… But don’t try to squeeze out our Money like thoose Trolls xD… We have limits xD

Thanks for all the nice Words btw, that really raises my Spirits to carry on that fight xD


I still live in SC, cant say I see much love going on there. I noticed that the dev plot near me and the awesome statue are gone now, I have tried to claim as much as I can on the plateau to prevent wood shack one plot griefers near me but they are like flies and I can’t be bothered to keep spending plots to stop them. I will happily hand the reserved and vacant plots I have if anyone actually wants to build more than a one plot shack on them.

After a couple of failed attempts at starting something new elsewhere it looks like SC is going to be my home for a while, although I am very tempted to start again in Chisel Town the only thing stopping me is the odd entry requirements for that place.


I’ll try and do a run through with one of my alts every now and then and keep an eye out for expiring beacons. If I spot any and can re plot them I’ll let you know so you can get them.


If we can help Beautify Spaces, hit me… It will take a while, but where the Kraken Comes from is maybe more :wink: … The in the Name Mentioned Love is atm mostly spreaded at the Plaza, but we try to expand xD

@GreyArt247 That really helps a lot, Thank you :)… I think i will open a hidden discord channel where we could post smoking Beacons, for everyone interrested xD


Good to know we can plot if we see potential griefing space.
Last time I was lucky to find you in game after finding an expired beacon.
I didn’t know how bad the situation was.

Like @GreyArt247 said, we are a bit outside town and behind the cliff. I will check more often what’s going on around. I am not planning to leave anytime soon.


As a few people have shared (thanks @Psyborg, @zina and others) the proposal for protection zones was to try and get the game itself to help players protect their surround environment. Please see the proposal here.

Now the proposal isn’t perfect. As others point out in the discussion thread it does just move the point of potential abuse from touching your claimed plots to touching your protected plots. But I feel like it helps and moves the problem away from you.

What it would do in a community / settlement is limit players from swooping in and claiming plots that expire within the settlement. Assumption some of the expiring plots would be touching up to your road network or other beacons, and they wouldn’t naturally be able to claim into this space without the consent of the owners.

The polls is currently split 80 : 20 which is a pretty decent indicator that it would be something we could proceed with. There is of course a question about the size of the buffer. A tight answer would be maybe a 3 plot buffer. So it’s not protecting huge amounts of land, but it would if something became available near you, then you would have some direct say over who could then claim it.

The protection buffer automatically protects plots that become available within and around your beacon and settlement. I personally think this would help with a decent number of reports we receive.


I like the idea of plot protection zones, but there is a “profession” in Boundless that would be negatively affected by it. It’s not a well respected profession, but one that does require organization and effort: Beacon Pirate. Tracking smoking beacons, waiting for them to expire, and then swooping in for loot. Bigger hauls are easier if you just fuel the beacon and claim the plots so you can loot at leisure. Then unplot and vanish into the wind.

I know I am about to annoy a lot of people by admitting this, but when I don’t feel like gathering, building, or hunting, I will sometimes partake in some light pirating. It’s not strictly against the CoC. And I don’t do it to grief others. I just figure that once the beacon burns out, it would all vanish in a few hours anyway. Might as well snag what’s there.


A perfectly legit profession and tactic. Lots of folks do this. Hell, even since UO.


i would just block in the plot with a decoration. Yes it’s greifing, but they’re the ones who want it.


That was my first thought too… and i would probably get banned before them… haha


Maybe you could do that to plots not expires yet without any active players in it. This way, only you can have access to it when the plot dies.


I dont know the official rules but technically leaving 2 blocks open they can get through means they arent blocked in…with all the awesome chisel work in sunken city i have no doubt they could turn any eyesore into a decoration if they wanted to. Take whatever the greifers do as inspiration and thank them for filling out the middle for you


I take it that where protection buffers overlap then neither party will be able to build anything on those plots regardless of who has the most prestige or who was there first? (Unless they grant each other permission? )


@Crete Thank you kind sir. edited.


come back timmy, you just needed to be civil.


Hey guys!

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about the way you guys feel there, you shouldn’t, this game is for fun, not to become a second job, don’t take it to a point where you get burned out!
There are a couple of points I want to make and will try to be brief as possible, it’s late and just 30 min ago stumbled upon this post.

First, as I said, if you feel discouraged or stressed out (talking here to Raziel and Harry), try something new! Boundless is a sandbox game and needs to be treated as such, the tools that the devs offered can be used both for us and against us, I don’t know if anyone that commented to this thread played EVE Online, that game is the true embodiment of a sandbox MMO, free for all, if you don’t like how this game deals with freedom of choice and greefers, you will rage quite EVE in 10 minutes after undock :)). But indeed what this game lacks is a balanced “tool set”, the plot protection will be a good addition, but not the ultimate balancing act.

Second, I incline 70% to what Karokendo said about planning, if you plan and plot from the start, you can end up with 0 greefers, but, that is not the perfect way, as an example is my attempt to Oort City, where I plotted a surface more than 700 plots, and in the beginning it was very promising, truly was, we had the number of active players, we had the plan and the plots, we just needed the mats and time to put in the work, but, with time, some started playing other games (myself included), others had some RL issues… things kinda stopped progressing until we ended up with some building done and just wind blowing down the alley :D.
So for a while Oort City disappeared. I’m saying for a while because it will appear on the map some day just needs internal structuring. And this is where I wanted to end up for the second point but I digressed :)) … people, that is the most important thing you can find in a sandbox MMO and with that comes real friendships which are (as in real life) the scarcest commodity in game. Boundless actually can teach us a lesson if you know how to look… resources regenerate, houses get destroyed, things get stolen, lost, forgotten or reposed, people come, and go, but some stay, some stay together, and regain, remember, reconstruct, this aspect of the game I really enjoy, and it’s a concept hard to successfully implement in a game. You have each other as a group, a community, a family, in the end that is what matters.

Third and final point that I want to say is about Sunken City, since before the launch of the game and a good time after, it was my home (for the nostalgic in you, check this tweet: :D, Sunken City in it’s beginning days). What it ended up today is a hole other level, kudos to Weasel, that woman has talent :D. In spite of the opinions of some, the city thrives even today and keeps getting more art in and more expansion outwards :), since I left the city, I kinda lost touch with what happens there, just what I get to talk from time to time with people from there. I kinda got off track and a bit emotional so I will try to wrap up :)) …

The city looks cool with a freestyle you don’t see in any city, it has a portal that catches your eyes and give’s them back to you when you portal back :D, it really has some amazing builds, but, in all of it’s seriousness, there is nothing in this game that can’t be rebuilt, Harry, I’ll be as direct as possible, I know exactly in what situation you are right now, and I advice to keep going forward, don’t give up just yet, but keep in mind also that a great plan is the plan with a good fallback, Sunken City is not the builds, it’s the people, since that city started, a lot of things changed, I’m very sure you know what I mean, I’m not gonna sell you anything, but if you want to discuss, pff… discord/PM/Steam/Facebook/etc :))
There are some “heavy” griefers there which are the main cause for why I left the founders group, not gonna name names because Code of Conduct and so on… but I can tell you now, they are there for the long run, so don’t quit because of them, you can always relocate, but with the work that’s been put into that portal and the other builds… see first if there are ways to deal with them, maybe in a month or two some tools will be added to the game, the game evolves slow, but very steady. So chin up and keep moving forward! :wink:

Much love,


My plot went wild because i just had a few days left and something in RealLife happned so i could not be online (in fact because my mom almost died i forgot the beacon in game).
Now DiscoBNNY swooped it and does not want to return the plots to me.
3 MONTS of WORK got lost forever, i had to start all over again.



As conceived - correct.

It would mean that you need to negotiate and agree before placing plots - rather than after which is what happens at the moment.

So this could result in many wild strips between builds where both parties refuse to give the other permission to place any plots in the overlapping area.