Survey #4 Ideas and Suggestions?

I’m currently working on putting together Survey #4, and wanted to poll everyone to see if they had any ideas or suggestions for potential questions?

(So yes, this is a pre-poll poll, to poll everyone about what we should poll everyone about. Create your own questions and ace the test!)

  • Are there any features or suggestions that we should be polling the community about?

  • Is there anything you’ve wondered about other players?

  • What can we learn to help the community grow and develop?

  • Is there anything we’ve asked about in the past, that you think merits deeper probing?

The advantage of the surveys is that we’re pulling answers from a much bigger group than naturally come and contribute to the forums.

If you share some ideas I’ll find a way to include the most interesting in the survey.

The aim is the send the survey out on Monday.


Don’t know if that was asked before, but it would be good to know if the people want to have a broad spectrum of skills (for each single type of weapon/armor/tool/equip/…) or more simplified and grouped up ones (like melee/ranged/energy weapons, weapon crafting, armor crafting,…)

There are very different approaches to this in many MMOs. Would be good to know what our community wants most :wink:


Are there gonna be fix classes with specific gear or more open for exotic kinds (e.g. a mage in an armor set)?

Examples: WoW or ArcheAge (gosh what am I referring to? :open_mouth: )


… Or totally open (like in Skyrim or shroud of the avatar) or fixed but more open like in the elder scrolls online.

Good idea :wink:


Since my “beacon sieging” post attracted a lot of attention and spawned a lot of follow-up posts it would maybe be a good idea to squeeze in a question on how (or if) PvP should be implemented.
(Not knowing how the PvP is going to be is also the main reason I´ve not bought this game already)

Other really interesting and much discussed threads that could give ideas for potential questions are: “Death Toll”, long time game founding (if rented servers aren´t enough), player shops and of course the countless threads with ideas for potential crafting/skill/combat/character progressions systems. Would be (imo) really interesting to get a general outline on what the community thinks about those topics (especially the last 4 I mentioned).

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I definately think that progression and skill systems are something we are quite curious about, and which could create much debate.

as vastar also mentioned, a talk about funding, you had it in one of the surveys and it was really poorly written, and i mean really poorly written, if i remember the question was ‘‘when would you like to see this, now, before launch, after launch, never’’ and the question came ‘‘a cash shop i wanna pay to skip progress’’ Who in the world thought THAT was a good way of phrasing it? XD

maybe ask something like ‘‘if we had to find another way of making money which things might you be willing to pay for?’’ and then add things like merchandise, skins, vanity pets, ‘‘I dont want to pay for anything’’ and ‘‘other’’ where people could write their answers.

sorry that the community started bugging you guys about your economy, but i think it is something that matters to many, cause sadly all of us who have been playing for a longer period of time have seen pay to win :smile:

also @Vastar

something like this? it has already been answered if that is the case :slight_smile:


I´ve already seen this graphic (in my beacon sieging post i think) but whats the source of this? If it was in a previous survey I´m sorry, I´m only follow Oort since ~December.

it was. it was a part of survey 1 or 2. cant quite remember which one.

when i put stuff like this up it is always official information :smile:

EDIT: apologies if it wasnt obvious. its good to be critical about sources but as i mentioned i would never say something was said or done by a dev or the devs team in general unless it is true :slight_smile:

Would your rather have some prebuilt Role Playing Starting cities as the Capital (that fit the theme of oort) rather than, big community things that normally have no recurring themes?

in this case you could choose the best builders of oort online and put them into some of the launch worlds a few weeks early with a creative type mode so that they could build starting cities that look good.

im stating that question due to the fact most worlds i go onto the capital tends to be very ugly and has no theme sometimes its a mix between futuristic and medieval then just plain boring builds.

in these terms you could get player run shops here and make the plots expensive each month guilds bid on a plot/shop and the biggest bet on that area gets a guild store there kind of thing and permissions to build inside that area, the money from these bets would run into the economy or the upkeep of the city lets say you make it that things in beacons degrade over time if you put money into that beacon it prevents from decaying. this may or may not be good in the overall economy, depending on how you view it. obviously those who have guild stores in that area will be open for players in that guild to have a sort of auction house to sell their things (good for tradeing guilds).

Tell me and i will make a separate more detailed topic for you to look at about that idea.


Should we have general creatures around everywhere and special creatures ( chargers / rangers ) in specific areas or should we have specific creatures everywhere and have few normal creatures in the mix

We need to be able to sit in chairs, half block stairs, windows and etc but you can suggest how extensive it can go ( ie.pulling up from blocks above, dual character action commands, etc )

Ill think of more later :smile:

Log Horizon much? xD

i understand your view but i think that it might be a poor idea, condeeming peoples build just because they have a certain taste. i think there should be something that will help new players when they start for the first time. but kinda making it like this seems to say ‘‘you have to build in this style’’ which is a bit bummer.

devs talked about ‘‘generated’’ or place buildings and dungeons on worlds, maybe that will be a thing on here too, to have a general building or area around the capital that is the same on all worlds, so people have a place they know when they go to another world atleast on tier 1 worlds.

for higher tiers i think you should spawn at a random loation of the world xD

every capital city has a style though in any game but with sandboxes you get griefers, and every building is different is what im meaning and it gets a bit annoying when everything is so unplanned.

and im meaning for lower tiers for starting worlds have some sort of pre built capital city where people know where everything is, shops, docks, housing etc, with the current builds i go on and i see greif marks, along with building or dirt towers that just don’t fit i also next to gasan have a big airship made out of bricks… which has been abandoned.

that will be solved in world regen. anything not beaconed will be destroyed (i think). which is going to stop quite a bit of people sinec there is no real pleasure if it just disappears. the rest who build with beacons can build whatever they want as long as it is no offensive.

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so yapp, the idea to poll if the people want to have capitals (at least one for each race or for each Tier 1 world) and if they want them to be pregenerated or not. But if there are capitals it would be good to know if there are independent shop NPCs or other stuff like rented housing. If there will be no independend NPCs for services a capital would be only for fluff :wink:

I for example don’t think that we need fixed cities … let players create them if they want, but don’t let there be a city with pregenerated traders or stores … Economy and Itemflow should be as much in the hands of players as possible :wink:

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yes but also starting cities is also a big selling point in the game, if you have all these new players there will be fallouts fast on who owns which land and more people around the capital it just gets weirder i’m meaning one capital city with a recurring theme on each world for tonnes of new players to gather with friends at launch, trade etc which is designated which will stop people going on forums and saying 'trading longsword for 50 gold) etc have designated areas where people can buy houses cause not everyone is a builder either and likes things given to them so instead of waiting months for cities that look weird and unpleasent to look at have some places where you can just go to instantly.

And actually i was taking a bit of that from ESO the whole guild trade system

again… NPC’S are not part of the actual game play. might change, but for now. no.

however a sort of starting area with the basic stuff you need would be good. but the gameplay loop mentions ‘‘start without qny equipment and try to survive’’ so i think they are going for rough rather than cozy.

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i know but if that is a response to me im meaning of course let builders and players build their own, but for the start everyone will just be placing beacons and alot of these players will leave the game cause they don’t like it then oyu have that big area just siting there.

or not even generated but prebuilt by Alpha Players that are good at building

ehhh beacon handling is a big part of the game, was discussed alot and while i can see we need some way to identify and remove useless beacons it is also a bit of discussion if we should. for example you claim some land and build a small house. if you cant play for a month cause of family or real life circumstances does that mean you should lose your beacon and get your house torn down just because somebody thinks it ugly?

but again, whole other discussion which could go on for days.

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No NPCs: like i wished for :wink:

But for the fear of left areas: If there are big guilds ingame that start big projects, some of this projects will end in big cities, which will be connected through portals to other locations (and player made cities as well), so not even a month after release you will have cities with a infrastructure like you wished for :wink:

And yeah, let the poll and the devs decide. This discussion is a never endling story ^^

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true but so far its been multiple months since the game is here and i haven’t found one completed city, and sometimes like i have seen on minecraft factions you never get big areas that look good anyway unless you get very experienced builders